Real Dealer Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack in Brief

While blackjack as a game has been around for a long time, the advent of online blackjack has been recent. Online blackjack made an appearance once the gambling industry decided to have an alternate presence on the Internet. That decision really paid off for the gambling industry, with each of its games reaching out to a vast number of players globally. Online blackjack too has benefited from the reach advantage the Internet provides.

Blackjack has always been a popular game, because it involves not just luck, as is the case with games like roulette, but also a degree of skill. That makes it more challenging to players. Online blackjack has rapidly overtaken the traditional version of the game in terms of popularity. One of the major reasons for this popularity is the fact that enthusiasts are introducing more and more innovations into certain elements of the game, while keeping the basic game itself unchanged.

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Differences Between Traditional and Online Blackjack

The differences between online blackjack and its traditional form are many. While some of the differences are in small areas, the other differences are relatively major. By looking at the differences, you can make out how the game has been modified over the years, and how the online version retains the proverbial edge over its older traditional peer.

A single article such as this one is not enough to discuss in detail all the major differences between traditional blackjack and its online form. A study of all the differences between online blackjack and the traditional blackjack game is beyond the scope of this article. Let us look at one significant aspect that is different between the two forms of blackjack the use of real dealers.

Do You Need Real Dealers in Online Blackjack?

The answer to the question posed in the header here is no in the case of online blackjack. When we talk of online blackjack, one does not need a real dealer, logically speaking. The real dealer is the key man at a blackjack game in a traditional casino. In such a casino, the task of a real dealer is to basically shuffle and deal the cards, and also perform other related tasks like card counting.

That criticality diminishes in online blackjack to the point of irrelevance. In online blackjack, it is the computer that performs all these functions, thereby taking out the real dealer out of the equation. Human intervention, therefore, becomes redundant in online blackjack.

So what about other modified versions of online blackjack? For instance, would a dealer be required in live online blackjack? Let us discuss this next.

Live Online Blackjack and the Real Dealer

As one can guess from the name, live online blackjack is a mere upgrade, an enhancement, over online blackjack. Therefore, logically speaking, the need for a real dealer in this form of online blackjack also continues to be irrelevant. Live online blackjack basically is an extension of online blackjack, and from that perspective, there is logically no need to have a real dealer for a game.

As someone who is new to online blackjack, you might be nave enough to think the Webmaster running the casino website can also multitask as the dealer. However, that is usually never the case, at least not until the site is faring really badly or the Webmaster really does not have much else to do. Most of the time, the Webmaster is one of the busiest persons on a site, and would not have time to spare, let alone perform the dual role of Webmaster and real dealer.