Slot Strategies

There are hundreds of different slot games out there for the savvy player. Whether or not you are playing in a real casino or online, you will find that the massive amounts of games available make playing slots fun, but also a skill that requires some practice.

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Slots come in all kinds, including on sites like Allslots, where allslots microgaming com games dominate. There are literally dozens of these games.

But how do you win?

1) Know the payout. It can be as low as 80 percent to as high as 98 percent. Online casinos usually have higher payouts.

2) Keep in mind that payouts are longterm, involving millions of spins. You are not guaranteed 98 percent, even if that is the payback. You might get more. The “looser” the machine the higher the payout. Someone will get the jackpots; it might not be you.

3) Understand the different games and know how to play them. If you don't know, ask. Someone will be happy to help you.

4) Find the loosest slots. Sometimes you simply have to ask. Even if these are higher-dollar slots, it makes more sense to play a $10 slot with a 98 percent return than a $1 slot with an 80 percent return. Simple math; for every $100 you bet on machine A, you get back $90. On B, you get back $80.

5) If you can't afford the maximum at a machine, don't be afraid to drop down and play the max at a smaller one.

6) Always play the max in a progressive jackpot. The only way to get the actual jackpot is to hit for max coins.

7) If you are playing an allslots microgaming com site, feel free to move around. Same in a live casino. If a slot is not hitting at least once every three or four spins, leave. There is no reason to keep feeding it.

8) Hit and run. Get your big score and call it a day or move to another machine. The house always has and advantage. You have to combat that.

9) Manage your bankroll. Take a set amount to lose, or if online in an allslots microgaming com type atmosphere deposit a limited amount and live with it. Don't go deeper in your pocket if you lose.

10) Online, understand the fine print in the sign up bonuses and make sure you get the right bonus. Some of the fine print can make your decision much easier.

If you follow these 10 simple rules, you can become a successful slot player. And win your share of money. Slots are games you will go longterm and grind, so you have to collect as much money as possible and know how to do that. The 10 steps above will help get you there. If you are in a real casino or online with allslots microgaming com or anything else, you can be a winner on a more consistent basis if you just play smart.