Best Casino Slots

Today video slots have evolved a long way from the Liberty Bell of 1887. Today the best casino slots have a number of features that were unimaginable at that time.

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Slots today run on the Random Number Generator and not on the electromechanical reels. Also slots today rarely have single paylines. Multi payline slots having up to 40 paylines are common. But the best casino slots go even beyond that. Some common features that the best casino slots contain are wild symbols, scatter symbols, and multiplier symbols. Wild symbols substitute for any other symbols so as to make a winning combination and result in a payout. This is like having deuces as wild cards in the video poker game deuces wild. Scatter symbols provide even greater excitement. A specified number of scatter symbols result in a winning combination. The attraction is that the scatter symbols need not be in the same payline but can be scattered over all paylines. Hence the name scatter symbol. Multiplier symbols, when they appear in paylines, multiply the payout by a specified amount.

The best casino slots also have what are known as bonus games. Bonus games get activated when certain conditions are achieved in the normal spin. A condition may be that three scatter symbols appear in the paylines. Bonus games are of many types. The simplest bonus games are just a number of free spins. This implies the player gets to activate the slots without feeding any coins but gets to keep the winnings. The more complex bonus games open up a new screen with a different game. This new game may be a game of skill or chance or a combination of both. Often they take the form of a search for hidden treasure or the rescue of characters in danger. Some of the best casino slots have a feature known as multi spin. The first spin is like a normal spin. If the player is not satisfied with the outcome then he can spin the slots again. But the second spin is different. There is a non-paying line at the bottom of the screen. The player has the option to freeze some of the symbols featuring in this line. The selected symbols will be put on hold wherever they appear in the main lines. In the second spin the remaining symbols will be replaced to form new paylines. This gives the player a better chance of winning but the payouts are reduced.

The best casino slots not only have better content but also better appearance. They are usually thematic. Ancient civilizations, comic book characters and treasure hunting are common themes. The themes play an important role in drawing players by creating a sentimental bond with them. These slots also make the best use of the technology that the latest software provides. Enhanced images, powerful animation, light and sound effects all contribute to making the best casino slots. The best is the sound of coins falling into the cash bin when the jackpot is hit.