Slots Online for US Players

For the US slot enthusiast it can be very difficult to find an online casino offering gambling for money. Since gambling is illegal in so many states it is a risky business to allow US slot players into the casino as it can lead to lawsuits. Still, there are a few casinos online that will let a US player bet with real money on their slot machines.

Casinos that don't accept US slot players

There are some online casinos that will only exclude certain states from their player list. Casinos built by Microgaming usually follow this policy and with them it is possible for a US slot player that doesn't reside in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington or Wisconsin to enjoy the slot machines and everything else in the casino. There are a few exceptions when it comes to Microgaming so this name doesn't guarantee a haven for the US player. An example of online casinos that won't take any US players is Party Gaming Casinos. They make no difference between states and the same goes for

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Cryptologic/Wagerlogic casinos

It might seem strange that some online casinos will allow US players and some won't. Does this mean that some online casinos are into illegal gaming? There are plenty of respectable online casinos that do accept US players and to say that they are into illegal activities is to take it a bit too far. The answer to why this difference exists might lie in what kind of companies are behind the casinos. Most of the ones that will say no to the US slot players have shareholders. This means that taking the risk of getting into legal argument over the gambling laws in USA states could affect the value of their stocks. So it is simply a money issue that makes them stay away from offering their services to the US audience.

The Casinos that will accept US slot players

The list of the casinos that are willing to take the risk of getting into troubles with American Gambling Law isn't all that long. This doesn't mean that US slot players can't find quality slot games online. In fact, many of the online slot casinos that do accept US players are among the best ones available and attract players from all over the world. Many of the Real Time Gaming casinos are open to the US slot players and they also offer many great slot machines including progressives.

Some online slot casinos will accept the US players but not for money play. There are many websites that offer slot games for free which is both fun and good practice. While this might be ok to some it is certainly not enough to the serious slot gambler. It is therefore recommended to visit a slot forum online and get a quick overview of where a US player can enjoy slots for real money. There is plenty of information readily available online and it will also let the player know if the casino is completely open or just to certain states.