Professional Slot Players

Can one really be a professional slot player? It is well known that slot games are all about luck and a profession takes skill. While Poker has been accepted as a game that includes both elements of luck and skill slot players are still laughed at when they call themselves professionals but perhaps this trend is about to end as this popular game only increases in popularity and the versions developed have more special features than ever.

In Minnesota Slots gaming is a Profession

In May 2006 the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that a slot player could be considered a professional gambler and make tax deductions from his losses. The case was won by a woman in her 70ies who had been gambling up to 60 hours a week at Mystic Lake Casino after retiring from her job. She did make profits and had to pay tax for these but she lost more than what she won and she managed to win the case allowing anyone playing at this rate in Minnesota to use it as a tax deduction. This demands, of course, to keep a detailed record of all the gambling and to put in those “full-time-job” hours but the case is certainly recognition of slots gaming as a profession.

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Playing Slots according to a System

There are people who claim to have winning systems for their slots gaming. These slot players might be able to prove a great many winnings but if they ever try to do more than give you an insight on their system you should wish them a good day quickly! To pay for a system for video slots would be extremely foolish and could probably be considered as an outright scam. This doesn't mean that there aren't ways to improve the chances of winning but a player should understand that slots games are about luck and the skill can only come in to play when choosing where to play and for how much.

Slot Strategy according to the Professionals

A slot player that knows his slot gaming will most likely let you know that the way to win on slots is to play a lot and play on the right machine. How can one ever know which machine will deliver a juicy jackpot? Well to begin with one should choose a machine that has a great winning option. Always check what the size of the jackpot is and that there is one at all. It could also be a progressive jackpot that keeps growing by the second making the game even more exciting.

It can also help to find a machine with special bonus features that allows the player to win more money or free spins. If huge sums weren't won the slot player still enjoyed getting more gambling time in total. It is also important to check out what the levels of bets are and which ones will make the player eligible to the jackpot. What most professional slot players say is a golden rule is to manage your bankroll well. Always know how much you are going to gamble for before you hit the slot machine buttons and quit when you have reached the limit.