Vegas Slots - Code of Conduct
Every place has its own rules, every game its own guidelines, but there are a few general pointers that one should be aware of when playing Vegas slots, both for the sake of following the casino laws and for ones own avoidance of embarrassment.

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Vegas Slots take specific denominations and if you don't have them you must attain them. You can either do this with a cashier, one of the change people in your vicinity, or by hitting the 'service' button on your machine. If you don't want to leave your machine this final option is the best, although you should really have prepared yourself before starting by changing up all the coins you need. Don't ask other players around you to change money.

When changing money, make sure you get a coins basket nothing is more embarrassing than dropping your funds and having to crawl on hands and knees.

Make sure that the machine you wish to play on isn't being used by anyone else. Have a look around for anyone who may have just popped off to have a quick word with someone, or maybe playing a few machines at a time; if you see someone walking away from a machine be sure to ask if they are finished with it before you start.

Occasionally you will come across a basket of money; don't touch it. Vegas Slots players will often play more than one machine at a time and when doing so may leave their money basket at one of them. If you don't feel right just leaving it there, notify a casino attendant.

Always tip your waitress. Vegas slots players will often receive free drinks from the casino; firstly, you must always check if the drinks are on the house or not, but whether they are or not, tipping the waitress is an absolute must.

Tipping other members of staff is really a question of preference. For the most part change people and service assistants aren't tipped and won't expect anything. However, if you hit a large jackpot and you have been treated well, a tip would not seem out of place.

Never walk away from a jackpot machine. If you hit the jackpot a siren or light will signal an attendant to come. He will then verify the win and arrange the payout if it is more than what's in the machine's tray. If you walk away from that machine before your win is verified you loose all claim to it.

When you walk away from a machine never look back! This is as much for the peace of the casino as it is for your sense of happiness. There is nothing worse than seeing the machine you've been feeding for an hour paying out to the next guy on his first spin just don't look back.

If you follow these simply guidelines you will safely avoid Vegas slots embarrassment; always remember that there are plenty of staff available 24/7 who are there to answer your queries.