Tips for Profitable Slot Gaming

Slot gaming is one of the most popular and fun means of entertainment be it in a casino, in a bar, or at home at an online slots site - take your pick. But with the machines programmed against the player, how can one profit from their play?

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Low denomination games are a great option for extended slot gaming. Whilst they tend to offer lower payouts you will in the long run end up saving money on them because you get to play more for less. Compare the five coin nickel slot machine with a 90% payout to a two coin dollar slot machine with a 98% payout. Whilst the later has the higher payout, the former will loose only $18.75 in an hour whilst the later will loose nearly double that at $30 in an hour.

If you are lucky enough to be in a place where the payouts are advertised go to the highest percentage machines. All online slots gaming sites must publish their paybacks and whilst this isn't the only consideration in choosing a site it should be a major one. In terms of land based casinos, playing high denomination slots in a casino of whose payback you are not sure is running rather a risk.

When assessing paybacks only consider the actual percentages given: a casino or site that claims loose slots, or high paybacks is pulling a PR trick on you. These terms are not absolute and tell you little, that's why they use them. A 95% payback may be very high in one place but low in another, it depends on the local norms only trust the numbers.

Progressive slot gaming is very attractive who doesn't want to win a million dollars at the touch of a button. However, one must be realistic, and whilst yes somebody must win it, these machines tend to have a 2-7% lower payback than straight machines meaning that if you don't hit that jackpot you actually loose more per dollar than you would on a straight machine.

Video reels are dangerous for three reasons. The first reason is that they are great fun, which makes the other two reasons more pronounced. They, like the progressives tend to pay out less than the straight reel slots. Secondly, the multi-coin multi-line combination can eat through slot gaming funds very quickly.

There are also the fundamentals of money management that should be remembered when slot gaming: only take what you're prepared to loose into the casino, remember that you're playing for fun, and pace yourself.

Ultimately slot gaming is the greatest around it's fun, fast, exciting, and absorbing. One of the reasons that it has become as popular as it has is that anyone can do it and no one needs to feel intimidated by it. With this is mind, you should always try to ensure a good time is had, and by following these simply tips you will be laughing longer and harder.