Slot Machine Betting Types

There many different betting types for slot machines, some of which are listed below.

European Slots: European slot machines are perhaps not that recognizable in the online casino setting, but you have very likely seen them in bars, pubs and grills before. These are either three reel or six reel slot machines that can also be known under the pseudonym of fruit slot. They have fruit symbols and are easily recognizable as being European slots for that specific reason.

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Australian Slots: Australian slots get their name from the fact that the slots themselves were invented initially in Australia . They are five reel video slot machines that actually are made to look like conventional slot machines, only with bonuses and wild cards that would never be seen on other conventional slot machines. This is a rather narrow definition, which is likely why most people haven't heard the term Australian slot before.

Japanese Slots: Japanese slot machines are the only type of slot machine that has an element of skill to them. While they are largely luck based just like all of the other slot machines, the skill element comes into play when the player stops the slots. The player gets a chance to stop the slot machines themselves rather than the machines stopping of their own accord and while it is very hard to take advantage of this, there are some people that can make their living playing Japanese slot machines because of the immense skill that they possess.

American Slots: These are the most obvious form of slot machines and they are the typical slot machines that you would see online. Not only can you see these slot machines online, but of course you can see them in the Vegas casinos and all over the world for that matter. These slots also tend to have the highest house edge, so staying away from them if you want to preserve your money is a pretty good idea.

Three Reel Slots: These are the classic one-armed bandit and most of them would also fit into the American slots category as well. However, there are some three reel slots that are European, Australian and Japanese and therefore they are deserving of their own category. Any typically conventional looking slot machine can be considered a three reel slot.

Video Slots: These are slot machines that do not have any physical elements to the reels and instead are completely video in nature. These slot machines are very fun for that reason and they are much more attractive than their conventional counterparts.

Progressive Slots: These are slot machines that have a major jackpot that increases by the second and many people enjoy playing these slots for the specific reason that they can end up striking it big by winning the progressive jackpot.

Free Slots: For people that are interested in the idea of playing slot machines, but do not want to be hampered by the chance at losing a lot of money, every single online casino in the business offers free slots. These slots are exactly the same as their normal slots, except you play for play money instead of real money.