Online Slot Machines - Playing Slots without Paying - Bonus rounds and Progressives

Online Slot Machines

The advantages to playing slots online are many but what might stand out as the greatest feature online is the great variety that is offered and all of it at the speed of a click of a mouse. All online casinos has some kind of repertoire of video slot machines and while many of them have all the most popular sorts it is worthwhile for the slot player to look up in advance where to play.

Playing Slots without Paying

It is quite possible to enjoy slot machines online without having to put down one single dollar. There are plenty of websites that offer gaming for fun without any commitments. Sometimes there can be prizes but nothing like what a money game can offer. Many online slot casinos also offer a practice section where a player can acquaint himself with the machines before he starts betting on them. Even if playing slots online without money is less fun it should be seen as a good strategy to become a better slot player.

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3 and 5-Reels

The most common format of slot machines is the 3 or 5-Reel slot machine but that is also where the similarities end. Regardless of number of wheels the machine can come with up to 50 paylines and a huge amount of combinations that lead to winnings. The slot player that has been active since the dawn of the Internet might appreciate the 3-reel format as it is most similar to the original land-based machine with a pulling arm on the side.

Imaginative Themes and Stories

Video slots online are more than just regular slot machines. These machines have evolved into entertainment machines with themes that are just as important as the original functions of the slot machine. The slot machine can come with the most amazing décor that runs tastefully through the whole slot gaming experience. The symbols have a connection as well as the surrounding graphics. It gets even more exciting when bonus levels will unlock a story that will keep the slot player glued to the machine.

Bonus rounds and Progressives

Since playing on slot machines is so much fun slot players look for video slots that will offer the most gaming possible. For this purpose a slot game with bonus rounds is to be preferred. A bonus slot machine can be found in most casinos and it is simply said a slot game that will give additional free spins and rounds when specific combinations show up. The bonus round can also be a game that is aimed at giving the player more prize money through some catchy side game. No article about slot games can leave out the progressive slot machine. This is the video slot that is connected to a big jackpot that keeps growing as people play. When a slot machine comes with the progressive feature it can give the player a chance to become a millionaire. This is extremely exciting but a player must remember that to hit the jackpot takes a lot of luck and the best is to simply enjoy the chance to do so.