Basic Slot Strategies


Slots can be very fun as an experience if done correctly, but if not done incorrectly they can be very annoying and even financially dangerous. Here are some strategies to help you cope with slot machines when you end up playing them.

Higher Payouts are good

It is well known in the slots industry that different online slot machines are created with different things in mind. Some slot machines are created with the customer in mind and in addition to being very entertaining, they also have very high payout percentages. The highest payout percentages for a slot machine are somewhere in the neighborhood of 98% and that means that the slot machines is actually paying out almost all of the money that is being put into the machine over the long term.

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However, some slot machines are not created with the customer in mind and to that end will not have a good payout percentage. A payout percentage as low as 70% is possible for some slot machines and this will mean that you are going to end up losing your money very quickly when you play that game on full steam. Understanding the difference between the slot machines in terms of their payout percentage is easily the best thing that you can do to ensure that you are applying the correct strategy for playing slot machines.

Promotions are also good

In addition to the higher payouts aspect of the slot machine, there is also a bonuses aspect for you to consider. In online casinos, this aspect is especially important because almost every single online casino will have a deposit or a reload bonus for casino players to consider and most online casinos nowadays also have loyalty programs to go along with those online promotions. A loyalty program is usually guaranteed cash reimbursement and if you combine that particular promotion with a slot machine that has a high payout, you are going to be very close to being even in terms of equalizing the house edge against you.

Maximum Play Whenever Possible

Whenever you are playing on a slot machine, make sure that you play the maximum amount of coinage possible for that particular slot machine. If the maximum is five coins per hand, you are much better off playing five coins on a penny slot machine than you are playing one coin on a nickel slot machine. The reason for this is that the payout percentages are usually based on you playing the maximum number of coins per hand because the best ratios are usually at those levels and therefore if you are not playing the maximum number of coins per hand, you are losing some equity in terms of the slots that you play.

Understand the immutable house edge

Knowledge is your best ally in terms of the slot strategies and one of the things that you must always understand is that beating the house over the long term is absolutely impossible. The statistics are arranged in a way that makes this impossible and therefore understanding this factor will allow you to play slot machines in a way that is intelligent rather than in a way that is not.