Online Slots - Gaming Redefined

One of the most conspicuous differences between real slot machines and online gaming is the variety of games offered. When you step into a casino, you would perhaps find three primary types of slot machines - traditional, video and progressive. However, when you are playing slot machines online, there are innumerable variants that arise from a combination of traditional slot games. More often than not, the differences are in the paylines and the number of spins offered.

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Some of the most popular online slot games are 'Zone of the Zombies', 'Around the World', Cleopatra's Gold', 'Pharaoh's Tomb', etc. As discussed earlier, the primary difference is in the payline and the number of spins offered. In addition to these, some of these games offer a bonus game or an additional feature. Since technology has evolved to a great extent, the experience of playing online slots is as real as playing video slots in a casino.

The Zone of the Zombies is a very interesting and visually exhilarating variant of video slots. The design of the machine features eyeballs, maces and a whole gamut of other visual enhancements that replicate the experience of watching a zombie movie. There are 25 paylines offered on 5 Reels. One very exciting and alluring feature of this game is the fun bonus game that starts when you hit 3 or more Scatters. The bonus game allows you to take a hit at zombies and win a bonus prize. In addition to this, you can win random jackpots in this video slot game. The highest jackpot offered is 6000.

Another interesting video slot variant that you can play online is 'Around the World'. The game is as exciting as it sounds, mainly for its huge jackpot of 30000 coins. It is a 5 Reel slot machine that features 20 paylines. The graphics take you on a trip around the world, with themes like The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and other notable landmarks. One very attractive feature of this game is the very low minimum bet of 0.01. This essentially means people with any budget can play the game. Like the Zone of the Zombies, Around the World also offers a bonus game that is started when you hit 3 Scatters or more. Around the World is a game that offers one of the highest hit rates, and among 5 Reel slot machines, it is one of the most exciting.

Cleopatra's Gold offers an irresistible 36 winning combinations. Like the former, this game is also 5 Reel and has 20 paylines. One standout feature of this game is the Wilds. The wilds feature offers you a great opportunity to double your prize money. The machine offers wildcards that are distinguished by Cleopatra's symbol. When the symbol is part of a winning line, the prize money you have won will double. There is also a progressive jackpot that can be won. The random feature offers all gamers a chance to win it big. The highest jackpot is 10000 coins and the minimum bet is 0.01.