In Slots, Myth is No Fact

Online slots has emerged as one of the most popular and widely played casino games in the U.S. With every popular game, there are myths attached, and with slots, it is no different. There are numerous myths about this game and it is essential that players develop their strategies based on fact and not unsubstantiated beliefs.

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One of the most popular myths about slot machines is that these games adopt a 'pay cycle and take cycle' model. You must not fall for this ridiculous belief because no slot machine runs on a cycle. These machines are built with Random Number Generators or RNGs. It is the RNG that decides the payout. Since these number generators are pre-programmed into the machine, every spin you make is not linked with the previous one. Since no two spins are dependent, there is no way the pay cycle and take cycle myth can be true.

Quite often, people tend to believe that their chances of winning are connected to the person playing before them. There have been occasions when people believed that they actually deserve a jackpot (which is won by the person playing after them) because they have done all the hard work. Since machines run on RNGs, this myth is not true. The spin that you make determines whether you are a winner or not. And the same holds for the person coming after you.

Another common myth is that certain gamers are awarded a jackpot in order to encourage them to place more bets. This may be a practice with certain casinos that adopt illegal means to promote their portal. However, it is not a common practice and is certainly not practiced in reputed casinos. Moreover, the RNG factor nullifies any effort made by the casino to manipulate the game. The most fascinating aspect of slot machines is the element of luck. Every spin you make is random and the jackpot is determined only by the RNG. However, there are instances when casinos promote their games by offering freebies, but never the jackpot.

It is a common belief that you should start placing smaller bets initially and increase the amount as you move along. This is as ridiculous as saying you must decrease your chances of winning in the beginning so that you can win as you play more. The odds of winning are determined by what bets you place at any particular stage. If you really wish to increase the chances of winning, you would want to place the maximum bet whenever you play. And, the size of the bet really wouldn't matter, whether it is the 3rd spin or the 150th. For the maximum jackpot, place the maximum available bet.

One of the most popular beliefs is that you can calculate the odds of winning accurately. There is no way you can ever determine your winning chances. There are several million combinations generated by the RNG and each spin is random. So, you may actually have a greater chance of winning by following some basic tips, but you may never be able to precisely determine the odds of winning.