Casino Payment Options

New Microgaming casinos must come with payment options that are suitable to an international as well as the American crowd. It is a known fact that Microgaming is well suited to the American clients and the Microgaming US player has come to trust that he can make deposits in a Microgaming online casino. Knowing a little bit about the methods available for payment and withdrawal is essential when it comes to gambling online and this holds true for any player, anywhere.

Credit Cards

For regular purchases people around the world have come to trust the little plastic card called the credit card. No matter where on the planet a player resides chances are that his little card comes with the same symbol as the one of a player living thousands of miles away from him. Credit cards are extremely convenient and any Playtech casino or Microgaming online casino will certainly accept them but the question is if they can be used at all.

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Credit card issuers have since long grown tired of gambling abuse and therefore they many times block payments to casinos. This could seem a bit unfair to the clients who know how to use their credit correctly but seeing it through the eyes of the credit card company it is quite understandable. This doesn't mean that credit cards can't be used at all in connection with gaming. A player just has to understand how to use them.


E-wallets could be labeled a way to get around the credit card dilemma. An e-wallet is simply an online account from which a player can make deposits to the online casino. An example of such a function is the well known Neteller. Microgaming US players cannot use Neteller but since this e-wallet closed down its American business many new and equally reliable options have been created. To load an e-wallet with money the credit card can be used which is a very convenient system for the one who wants to use his credit card but also keep a good eye on his gambling expenses. The e-wallet really makes for good money management as it makes it easier to track just how much is spent and won. E-wallets are also many times rewarded by an extra bonus by the online casino.

Wire Transfers

There are also ways to make transactions between the casino and the bank. One such way is Wire Transfers and many players like to make use of this option. Since it is usually very fast it could be the best choice when getting into sports betting or betting where a bet must be made fast and the money must move with equal speed. The typical Playtech casino which also comes with many choices of great gambling and betting accepts methods of money wire straight from a bank account to the casino. Many times a player will have to get in touch with the casino in order to facilitate such a transfer but that's just a matter of a few mouse clicks and really no big deal.