Company profile

Moneybookers is another secure online funds transfer company which offers its customers something slightly different. Based in the UK, the company allows its customers to transfer funds via their own e-mail systems by use of debit and credit cards, as well as transferring money to and from their own bank accounts. Starting out in June 2001, Moneybookers has grown to become a serious force in the online funds transfer market with over 3 million users at present. With Gatcombe Park Ventures Ltd. as its holding company, Moneybookers has the financial backing to offer a professional and seamless service to its customers.

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How it works

Customers send money straight to a moneybookers account via debit card, credit card or bank transfer. This account is always open to send or receive money and to make online payments. This service is especially attractive to customers of online casinos due to the ease and security offered by Moneybookers. When it comes to the vast amounts of money exchanging hands, customers want to know that their funds are secure.

Added benefits of Moneybookers

In the digital age, many customers are faced with endless spam. This is mainly due to information leaks or customers unwittingly parting with their personal details. With Moneybookers, there is no chance of this happening because customers do not part with personal details. When signing up, customers are required to give identity verification to diminish the chances of fraud and mismanagement of funds.


Anyone who shops online will know that their e-mail is never too far away from them. It therefore makes sense for all payments to be sent straight to a customer's e-mail. Online casinos have made this even easier by providing a Moneybookers shortcut icon on many online gambling sites. In today's age, time is precious. The more unnecessary steps that can be removed, the better.


Many secure online funds transfer companies make a lot of their money with administration and start up fees. With Moneybookers it is free. When comparing transaction rates with other companies, Moneybookers is quite competitive. When a customer requests, receives or uploads money from the bank there is no additional charge. A nominal charge of 1%, however, is charged when sending money.

The use of a credit card is the most costly as this carries a 2.5% service charge when uploading money to a Moneybookers account. All checks carry a flat rate of $3.50, so a good tip would be to use checks only when a larger sum is present. Although the