Compamy profile

EntroPay, as a subsidiary of Ixaris Systems Ltd., has the backing of one of the most successful financial institutions in the UK. Based in England and the UK, Ixaris has a strong history in the financial services market and therefore provided EntroPay with much capital and infrastructural backing. EntroPay was introduced into the market to answer the need for a non-discriminatory credit card. There are some banks who refuse to allow the transfer of funds to and from online gambling sites and other sites which they deem inappropriate. EntroPay allows account holders to access these funds, irrespective of how or where the customer wishes to perform online transactions. Provided that the customer has the funds at his/her disposal, no questions are asked. EntroPay is a private way for customers to shop online.

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Strong links

EntroPay is linked directly to Visa. This means that wherever a Visa logo appears on an online merchant site, online shoppers can perform transactions. Most online merchants carry the Visa logo so there is no shortage of places for EntroPay account holders to visit. Visa is also one of the most trusted named in the financial world and this gives EntroPay a lot of credibility. Visa would not back any partner which could potentially damage their name.


Whichever way customers wish to spend their money, there is no way of merchants being able to track any personal information. This is because all transaction statements carry the words “EntroPay UK”.

Easy to use

The signup process is quick and easy. Account holders are able to top up their accounts by use of credit cards or debit cards. Funds can be loaded 24/7 from anywhere in the world and as soon as the funds appear the account is ready for use.


Being backed by Visa and Ixaris, EntroPay's security is top of the range. Employing the latest in security settings, including multilayer firewalls and SSL, EntroPay is one of the safest online funds transfer providers around.

Competitive rates

Opening an EntroPay is free. There is also no charge for creating an EntroPay Virtual Card. The costs do mount, however, when funding an account from a personal credit or debit card. This is set at 4.95%. When transferring money back to the personal account, there is a flat fee of $6. Those who transfer money between EntroPay accounts do benefit as this costs a mere $0.20.


EntroPay is a good alternative to the general credit cards available to online shoppers. When it comes to online shopping, customers do not wish to be told by their banks how they can and cannot spend their money. Banks are supposed to be safe places to keep a person's cash. That should be all they are. At the end of the day a customer should be able to spend the cash that has been deposited into the bank any which way s/he likes.