UKash is payment system that has been launched in the United Kingdom and in countries all across Europe. It aims to provide easier and more convenient ways of transacting online whether it is for shopping and purchasing items online or for other such activities such as online gaming and so on. This service permits people to pre pay for products and services using UKash. The UKash system has special UKash vouchers that function as real money. Each voucher has a unique 19 digit code which can be used in the checking section of the merchant website. Today many line services use UKash vouchers including Skype, Sportingbet, as well as many other websites such as a large number of online casinos.

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UKash works just like real money does except it is in the form of vouchers. It is possible to get UKash vouchers from PayPoint, payzone or e-pay outlets. The vouchers are available in values of 5 to 100 pounds in PayPoint; in denominations of 15, 30, 50, 75, and 100 pounds in payzone; and 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75 and 100 pounds in e-pay.
It is possible to combine or split your UKash vouchers; for instance you ay combine two 5 pound vouchers into 10 pounds or split a 20 pound voucher into two separate 10 pound ones
In order to get UKash vouchers all one as to do is order them and pay for them through your Bank, after which you will receive your UKash vouchers via email or SMS. Usage is simple as the 19 digit code just has to be entered at the checking counter of merchant websites for you to get your purchase. If there is any remainder of change to be given a new number is generated so that you do not use any of your valuable money.

UKash has many benefits to offer its users. There is no hassle of a lengthy registration or waiting for approval as UKash vouchers can be purchased in a matter of seconds. Also, using UKash is just like using real money and if you happen to use less than the value of your UKash voucher it is possible for you to get the remaining change.
This system allows you to pre pay for your purchases and offers its users a range of amazing bonuses as a result of being affiliated with their websites. For instance, UKash has a tie with an online bingo site that provides you with a 25% bonus in addition to their 300% match on your initial deposit if made with UKash.
The UKash system prevents fraud and identity theft as you are not required to provide any of your financial details thus giving you complete freedom and security where your money is concerned. Also, anyone can use UKash as it has no set age limit. Also, there are no extra charges or fees for using UKash.

UKash is not available to US users as it operates within the UK and Europe alone.

UKash is a very convenient and easy method of making online payments as it gives the user complete control of his or her money and makes it easier to monitor one's spending. It also provides numerous bonuses through its affiliates that users of UKash can benefit from.