Company Overview

EcoCard is one of the latest trends in secure online funds transfer to hit the market. In a very competitive market, EcoCard has managed to secure the backing of many leading financial institutions throughout the EU. Operating as a virtual prepaid shopping voucher, this not only gives its customers peace of mind, but also access to a much larger infrastructure which has the potential to grow into many other related areas. EcoCard customers can transfer funds across the internet in a safe and convenient manner.

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Easy to use

The signup process is very straightforward. The questions which need to be answered are just the basics so that no time is wasted in the secure signup area. This streamlined approach makes EcoCard a very professional outfit just like one would expect from a banking institution. When it comes to money, customers do not need the added frills and clever graphics. Transferring funds is very similar to the way in which general online banking works.


EcoCard employs the latest in internet security to ensure that any information which passes through its website is completely secure from any leaks. The system included a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol and multi layer firewalls. Everything is anonymous so that no information is passed on from EcoCard to the online merchants. This stops the irritation of spam mail cluttering a customer's in box.


EcoCard encourages its customers to be responsible with their money. Because all cards are pre-paid, there is no chance of customers falling into debt. All the funds belong to the customer so that all purchases made online are in effect a cash transaction .

Payment can never be rejected if a customer is in possession of a valid EcoCard. There are no additional fees and all transactions are free. There is nothing worse than a customer knowing that there is money in an account, but due to slow banking methods this money cannot be accessed.


Research has shown that many online shoppers still do not fully trust the security promises made by online merchants that all transactions are safe from fraud. Many customers are still hesitant to enter their credit card and other personal details into a website. Although the security settings are much stricter than land based shopping, the lack of human interaction makes this a hard concept for many customers to grasp. With EcoCard, customers feel much more at ease.


EcoCard has realized this gap in the market and offers a different option to online shoppers. The prepaid shopping voucher is not a new concept, so customers do not feel as though they are entering into any unchartered territory. The system is simple, safe and efficient. Although EcoCard is mainly available in Europe, the structure is slowly growing and will soon also include other main economic areas.