Company overview

Starting out in 1999, NETeller has consistently stayed ahead of its competitors by means of offering a truly outstanding service. With the surge in e-commerce towards the end of last century, NETeller started its operations as a result of the high demand for a secure online funds transfer company. As NETeller grows, so do more online merchants adopt NETeller as a payment option. This has resulted in millions of new signups. Customers do not wish to change between payment methods while shopping online. NETeller allows its customers to stick to one payment method due to its unrivalled reach.

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Deposits, withdrawals and transfers

NETeller has several options available to its customers when it comes to the tranjsfer of funds. Customers are able to upload funds by use of credit card, NETeller cards and InstaCASH. InstaCASH is a unique offering by NETeller which allows its customers in the US and Canada to upload funds to online gambling sites much quicker than other means. Supported by NETeller's same security settings, InstaCASH is safe and quick to use.

The NETeller Card

The NETeller Card lets its holders withdraw funds from a NETeller account from land based ATMs. This card can be used throughout most of the world at ATMs and shops. The main selling point of the card is that it allows customers to withdraw funds in the host country's own currency. This therefore lets NETeller Card holders to avoid bank queues and additional forex fees.


Due to its vast reach and capital, NETeller can afford to invest much of its profits into the latest security programmes. With so many competing secure online funds transfer companies, all it takes is one bad episode for a company to lose the trust of its customers. The online community is tightly knit and bad news travels fast. It is in NETeller's best interests to maintain the tightest security to ensure than no information is leaked and none of its account holders' funds go astray.

NETeller does not ever allow online merchants access to customers' details. Credit card details are only entered once, and that is in the secure area of the NETeller website. This is backed up by a 12 digit pin and 6 digit secure ID. NETeller has found the right balance between tight security and convenience for its account holders.


NETeller has the sheer size and infrastructure to offer its millions of account holders the right stuff. Almost all online merchants use NETeller as a payment option and this is done on a global scale. As more online merchants jump on the bandwagon, NETeller customers find the online shopping experience easier and more diverse. There is nothing more irritating than having to jump between payment options when shopping online.