Company profile

ePassporte is no stranger to the secure online funds market. The business model is centred on the use of a virtual Visa account. Any company which has the backing of the most successful credit card companies in the world already has a certain amount of reputability. By linking all transactions to a credit card, there is no chance of a bank rejecting a transaction. Some banks do not allow certain transactions to take place - most notably when it comes to online gambling. The ePassporte is a way around this. Although the company does target a large sector of the online gambling community, the card can also be used to perform any other online transaction such as online shopping and the paying of subscription fees.

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Shop anywhere

Upon signing up for an ePassporte card, customers also have the opportunity to apply for a physical Visa card. This card is linked to the ePassporte account and can be used as a debit card to make land based purchases. This applies anywhere where Visa cards are accepted. Signing up is quite easy, with the first account deposit having to be made via debit card or credit card. The ePassporte Visa Electron card is also available. This allows account holders to withdraw cash from ATMs and this card is linked tothe main ePassporte account.

Competitive rates

At first there is a deposit limit of $500. This appears immediately in the account and deposits of $100 carry a $5 fee. However, when transferring money to online gambling sites there are no charges whatsoever. When drawing money from an ATM, there is a $2 surcharge over and above the bank-related ATM fee. The payouts are generally quite quick, although when an account is completely emptied it can take up to a full week.

ePassporte Visa Card

There is an initial cost of $35 for this card, but the benefits are immense. This card is backed up by some of the most stringent security technology available. The card is mailed directly to new account holders and this can also take up to one week. Upon reception of the card it can be used immediately at ATMs to withdraw funds. This is much quicker than having to wait for funds to be transferred into another bank account before being able to use it.


Credit cards are still the most used methods of online payment. Although there is still some distrust among online shoppers especially those who are new to online shopping the use of credit cards online is in fact much safer than the use of credit cards for over-the-counter purchases. The security settings are much tighter and online merchants are paranoid to keep all transactions safe as their businesses depend on the net being free of fraudulent activity. Being linked to Visa has allowed ePassporte the opportunity to attract thousands of new account holders every day.