Company Overview

In such a cut-throat industry, it is often quite hard to find a differentiating point between all the different companies which offer secure online funds transfer. As one of the newest payment options available, Click2Pay's business model is built around safety and transparency which both go hand in hand. With a general mistrust surrounding the electronic transfer of funds, particularly among newer users, transparency is incredibly important to allay fears of the potential mismanagement of one's funds. Click2Pay's customers have 24/7 access to all their transactions and can track their funds at their convenience.

The company has also invested vast amounts of capital into the security of their software and have employed some of the most talented individuals in their respective fields to build up one of the safest online funds transfer companies in the world. Click2Pay has a reputation for its transparency and safety and this has attracted hundreds of thousands of customers to its books much to the dissatisfaction of other secure online funds transfer companies.

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Customers use Click2Pay as their preferred payment means for all online transactions. These include online shopping, online gambling and subscriptions.
These security systems are the envy of many other secure online funds transfer services and has led to the attraction of hundreds of thousands of customers who use Click2Pay as their preferred method of online payment on a daily basis.

Quick top-ups

All customers on the Click2Pay books are able to top up their accounts with the use of bank transfers or credit cards. These funds appear very quickly in the customer's account and can then be instantly used to perform a wide variety of online transactions. Credit card transfers carry a 3% service charge, but the funds appear immediately. Bank transfers can take up to three days, but there is no additional cost involved. customers can enjoy the simplicity of being able to fund their accounts via bank transfer or credit card. Once the funds appear in the account, they can be used to perform a wide variety of online transactions with participating merchants. Credit card transfers appear immediately and carry a 3% service charge. Bank transfers can take up to 3 days, but the service does work in a customer's favour because it is free.

Easy Withdrawals

Customers are able to request a check from Click2Pay when they wish to withdraw funds. This carries a $2 charge and can take up to 3 days to process. This, however, does not include the customer's own bank charges. All electronic transfers are free. Funds transferred to a Virtual Visa Card are also free and this only takes one working day.

Top Security

When signing up and when transferring funds, all data is encrypted by the latest security. Access to data is highly restricted so that no personal details are leaked to data-capturing companies.

The Click2Pay logo can be found on most online merchant sites. This allows customers the ease of using just one payment method without having to jump between various accounts to do their online shopping.