In casino gaming, one of the most interesting games is roulette. Whether you are playing in a real casino or online, roulette is a game that is perhaps the most difficult to get a handle on from a systematic perspective.

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The basic rules of roulette are simple. Players play against the house. A dealer spins the roulette wheel. The U.S. version of the game has 38 slots. In Europe, there are 37, with 36 numbers and one zero. (Read More)

There are very few games as associated with a concept or a group as much as the game of roulette is. When you consider all of the different casino games that many places offer, while blackjack might be the classical casino game, it is really roulette that represents all of the different things that people like about casinos. The big wins and the great thrill of gambling are not found in blackjack, which is really more of a close and unemotional game when compared to roulette. Therefore, learning how to play roulette is a good step towards really getting the good casino experience that keeps many people coming back to the casinos on a regular basis. (Read More)
Roulette is considered by many as the best casino game. In fact it would not be incorrect to state that it was this game that drew crowds to casinos in the nineteenth century. Roulette is French for little wheel. It is said that in the mid-nineteenth century Francois and Louis Blanc established a casino in Monte Carlo with the purpose of playing roulette. There was no looking back since then. (Read More)

Purely because it is simple, easy to play, exciting and thrilling, today every casino in the world has a roulette wheel. All of us have heard or seen the roulette wheel but the history of roulette is interesting.

It is said that there used to be some sort of a wheel game that dates back to those olden times when the wheel had just originated. Some believe that the game originated in China and was taken to Europe by tradesmen. For some historians, the game originated in ancient Rome when soldiers played by spinning wheels of chariots whereas some others strongly believe that it originated in Tibet. (Read More)


Did you know that more and more people worldwide today prefer to play European roulette and not the American version of the game? This is simply because compared to the European roulette that has 37 slots on the wheel; the American roulette has an extra slot '00' lowering the winning prospects.

Like any other casino game, European roulette is basically a game of chance that uses a roulette wheel and a betting pattern. A croupier is used to spin the roulette wheel in one route and tosses a little ball in the opposite direction. The game requires players to predict the number on which the ball will land on the wheel, which has 37 wells numbering from 0 to 36. While the zero is painted green, the other numbers are colored red or black in equal measure that offers players an assortment of betting alternatives. (Read More)

Many are of the opinion that Roulette was first introduced in the United States of America by the Frenchmen who arrived and settled in New Orleans in the nineteenth century. Like in Europe, roulette became immensely popular in America during the 1800's and casino owners decided to add an extra 'zero' on the roulette wheel with a view to provide some advantage to the house. Thus, American roulette was born and today it is as popular at the Las Vegas and Monte Carlo casinos as it is on the Internet. (Read More)
Roulette is a popular game that has survived generations and is today featured in several different popular versions at the best online casinos. This is a game that is based on pure luck and is played in many different places around the world. (Read More)
The rules of Roulette are many; the aim of each player is to rightly judge and place the wager where the ball will land. Before playing, the player place bets on the roulette table. If he/she wins, a good payoff is collected depending on the size of the bet. (Read More)
Although the origin of roulette is yet to be ascertained, thanks to the rapid spread of the Internet as well as the launch of online casinos, roulette too went online in the mid-1990s. Compared to the existence of the game, online roulette has a brief history, but has grown in rapidly popularity. Today, it is not only a major form of gambling on casino sites, but also an accepted and exhilarating form of entertainment on the Internet. Online roulette now refers to both the European as well as the American versions of the game and is offered by almost all top casinos. (Read More)
The Roulette as a casino game is simple and easy to follow. But, this often leads people to think that it's easy to learn the tricks of the trade of Roulette and that they can easily win. Although there is a general misconception that Roulette Strategy is a sure way to success at the game, it is never true. It is just some 'ideas' or 'ways' to guide the players to be more towards the winning edge. Naturally, using a good Roulette Strategy can always bring up your possibility of winning sessions. (Read More)