There are very few games as associated with a concept or a group as much as the game of roulette is. When you consider all of the different casino games that many places offer, while blackjack might be the classical casino game, it is really roulette that represents all of the different things that people like about casinos. The big wins and the great thrill of gambling are not found in blackjack, which is really more of a close and unemotional game when compared to roulette. Therefore, learning how to play roulette is a good step towards really getting the good casino experience that keeps many people coming back to the casinos on a regular basis.


The goal of the game of roulette is to place a bet on a number that is then rolled on the wheel, thereby allowing you to get your money back and more for making a correct prediction.

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The layout of the roulette game is two fold and includes not only a roulette wheel, but a table as well. The table has 36 different numbers arranged in three columns and twelve rows, with at least a 0 (for European roulette) and also a 00 (for American roulette) in order to give the casinos their edge. Because each bet is paid out with the 36 numbers taken into consideration, the European roulette games give the house a 37:36 edge and the American roulette games give the house a 38:36 edge.

Game Play

Before the ball is spun around the wheel, each player gets a chance to place their bets onto the actual table. While people do not have to bet each round in some of the offline casino games, in the single player online games the same is true as you can spin the wheel as many times as you'd like to without actually ending up having to bet.

There are a number of different ways that you can bet and these ultimately determine the success or failure of your proposition when the spin is done. You can bet on a single number, a pair of numbers, a row of three numbers, two rows of three numbers, a third of the numbers, a column of numbers, even or odd numbers, black or red numbers or half of the numbers. You can technically also bet on all of the numbers, but that does not really do much and puts you at risk if one of the zeros happens to come up.

However you choose to bet, you end up winning the round if one of the numbers you have bet on is the one that appears on the spun wheel and if that happens you are paid off on your bet based on the 36 numbers (i.e. a won bet on one number pays at 35-to-1 odds rather than the true odds of 36-to-1 for European roulette and 37-to-1 for American roulette). If the number that comes up is not one that you bet on, then you are done for the round, lose the chips you wagered and the game moves on.