Roulette Round Off

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune in Roulette

The game of roulette is one of luck and fortune, hence the nickname 'wheel of fortune'. Basically, it involves a round wheel that has 38 numbered slots on it. The game begins when the dealer, also called the croupier, rotates the wheel and chucks a small ball into it. Players bet on the probability of the ball landing on a specific wheel. A player wins if the ball lands on the numbered slot he bets on.

When you play roulette, all you have to do is call out the number you are placing your bet on, and sit back and rest as the croupier turns the wheel and the ball starts spinning. If it stops on one of the numbers you have wagered on, you win. The only strategy here is being able to predict accurately, if possible, the number to bet on.

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It is clear that the game of roulette is a guessing game. The objective is to calculate precisely on what numbered slot the ball is likely to stop. The betting starts there. When you are able to bet on the correct numbered slot the payoff depends on the way the bet was placed.

Playing Roulette Online

Today, roulette is not just limited to the brick and mortar casinos; you can as easily play the game online. In most casinos roulette is a game you can play for free. Your chips are piled in lots of $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500. To place a bet when playing roulette online, click the denomination you would like to bet. You can also increase or decrease the amount of money you are willing to bet in roulette; all you have to do is hit the “0” button to repeat your last bet. You can then change the amount.

Start with $500 in your bank. Place your bets and click the Start wheel roulette game button. Once a spin is complete a “W” appears on top of the chips and is noted on the table with a marker. You must be aware that you can adjust your table bet limit. You can do this by tweaking the menu appearing on the screen of your monitor to upgrade.

Betting in Online Roulette

There are nine different kinds of bets you can place in online roulette. These are the straight bets, split bets, street bets, square and line bets, column bets, dozen bets, high/low and even bets. The options are many; it is for you to place your bets such that you get the maximum payoff. However, the betting process is slightly more complicated than just guessing a number.

In roulette, you bet against the house. Though there are nine types of bets, the combinations are many and can be complicated, with different odds at maximum or minimum hazards. We will briefly look at two of the types of bets you can place in online roulette.

The first bet to learn is the straight-up bet. You can place this bet on a single number. If your number wins, the payoff is 35 to 1. The split bet is the next bet to understand. Here, you can place your bet on the line between two different numbers. If the ball rests on either of these numbers you win 17 to 1.

This is basically how to start the game of free online roulette. It is easy to play roulette on line; you can spend as much time as you want to play, just for the fun of it. With a little more practice, you can join live games and progress up to the pros.