European Roulette

Did you know that more and more people worldwide today prefer to play European roulette and not the American version of the game? This is simply because compared to the European roulette that has 37 slots on the wheel; the American roulette has an extra slot '00' lowering the winning prospects.

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Like any other casino game, European roulette is basically a game of chance that uses a roulette wheel and a betting pattern. A croupier is used to spin the roulette wheel in one route and tosses a little ball in the opposite direction. The game requires players to predict the number on which the ball will land on the wheel, which has 37 wells numbering from 0 to 36. While the zero is painted green, the other numbers are colored red or black in equal measure that offers players an assortment of betting alternatives.

How to Play

Playing European roulette is simple. A player commences play after deciding the amount he is willing to bet and on what – in this case a roulette number. While a player is allowed to place a minimum bet of 20p, the maximum is £500. Betting is done through chip provided by the casino and needs to be placed on the right position of the roulette table signifying the betting amount. In simple words, if a player wants to bet £10 on a red number, he would put a £10 chip on the 'RED' section of the board. On the other hand, if you are playing the European roulette online, you can do the same by a click of the mouse on a particular area on the virtual roulette table on the computer screen. An online player may also click on the 'Special Bets' tab to avail remarkable betting opportunities.

Placing Bets

Basically, there are two types of bets in any roulette game – inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are smaller bets on a single number or small groups of numbers up to six and are placed in the interior area of the roulette table. On the other hand, outside bets are usually larger bets comprising groups of 12 or 18 numbers and placed on the outer limits of the playing table. After all the bets have been placed, the croupier will set the roulette wheel to spin with the roulette ball inside it. While playing European roulette online, you can set the roulette wheel to spin by clicking on the spin button.


In due course, the roulette wheel will slow down and come to standstill and the ball will rest in one of the wells – or numbered slots. The slot in which the ball comes to a rest is the winning number. In European roulette, a player gets the maximum payout if he bets on a single number and that number eventually wins after the roulette wheel has stopped spinning. On the other hand, a player gets the smallest payout if he bets on a group of 18 numbers – even numbers or all numbers in red – and the roulette ball stops on any of the numbers of that group.