Popular Roulette Betting "Systems" Part II

The Martingale system of Roulette game play has enticed many players into its fold over the years, and for good reason; it sounds very logical. And while using the statistics against the games themselves is nothing new it is important to keep several items in mind when trying to implement the Martingale Roulette system, or any gaming system for that matter, into game play.

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To insure against an unreasonably long streak of bad luck a player has to have enough of a bank roll to finance that streak of bad luck. Remember a player has to double their bet every time that they lose. This means that one chip turns to two, then to four, then to eight, ad infinitum until that money is won back. If that streak of bad luck outlasts the player's bankroll it's game over. The odds against a large streak of bad luck begin to diminish with each loss, but remember again that each individual spin has a fifty percent chance of going against the player. This means that it is entirely possible for a player to have that super long streak of bad luck. This is also where solid casino choice comes into play because a disreputable casino can easily manipulate the outcome in their favor and make a bad streak virtually inevitable.

What further complicates the matter is that not all online casinos have the same betting limits. Some casinos won't let a player bet the amount that they will need to apply this strategy. This Roulette strategy is best suited on a table and in a casino that allows betting with absolutely no limits. This is becoming increasingly hard to find at Roulette tables. Also, some casinos absolutely forbid such betting strategies and are watching players that try to bet within certain patterns, such as the Martingale Roulette system, because they know that the house advantage begins to diminish. This is somewhat akin to the philosophy against counting cards. Counting cards obviously doesn't apply in an online casino like it does in a traditional brick and mortar casino because of the gaming programs and the random number generators but it is still looked upon as cheating in some gambling circles.

The success behind the Martingale Roulette betting strategy is that the strategy appears logical. This is what a player is looking for when looking at a gambling system. If the cold hard mathematical facts aren't behind the game plan forget about it and move on. If it sounds worthwhile there is no harm in trying it out. For every hundred failed plans and systems out there, there is at least one gem that is good for something and should be looked at genuinely. One of the strongest indicators of a successful system is the consistency of returns. Any half baked idea has the ability to get lucky and score big, but a good system scores regularly.

The Martingale Roulette system, while not perfect, offers a new weapon in the Roulette player's arsenal in times of need.