Popular Roulette Betting "Systems" Part I

There are probably as many betting systems when it comes to online gambling as there are players that play the games. Some of the systems are very good and can be very lucrative for those players that are willing to put in the time to learn them. And there are those systems that players are best to just stay away from-far away from. There are, however, a group of systems that fall somewhere in between. These systems sometimes become matters of hot debate even among ardent online gamblers that have either had great success, or great failure with them. For this reason alone those systems are worth considering and worth discussing.

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The “Martingale” Roulette system is one such system that deserves some bit of discussion. Roulette is a very simple game, in theory, but there are many subtle intricacies that make this game one of the preeminent casino games, both online and off. The Martingale system of betting is basically a system in where a player is made to double their bet every time that they lose. The logic behind this madness is that a player has a fifty percent chance of landing on their specific color every time that the wheel spins. When using this system a player has to pick one color, either black or red, and stick with that color for the duration of the game. If a player decides they want to jump from color to color or number to number they will be losing any statistical advantage that they may be accumulating.

Once a player has decided on one specific color they can then start working the probabilities of the next roll to their advantage. It is true that for each roll a player has a fifty percent chance of that roll going in their favor and landing on their color and that is true for each individual roll. But after a player loses and the ball lands on the opposing color the odds begin to diminish that the ball will land on that color again. The odds of the ball landing on the same color again and again continue to decrease the more times that the ball lands on it. For each roll the odds stay the same, but for a series of rolls the probabilities change considerably.

Now to take advantage of this mathematical truth a player simply has to double their original bet each time that the ball lands on the opposing color. For example, if the players color is red and their bet is one chip and the ball lands on black they will bet two chips the next bet. If they again lose that bet they will then bet four chips. This would continue for as long as it takes for the player to win and regain all of their chips, plus their original bet. Statistically it is virtually impossible for a player to lose this way. However, there are many pitfalls that a player needs to consider prior to trying this method.