History of Roulette

Purely because it is simple, easy to play, exciting and thrilling, today every casino in the world has a roulette wheel. All of us have heard or seen the roulette wheel but the history of roulette is interesting.

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It is said that there used to be some sort of a wheel game that dates back to those olden times when the wheel had just originated. Some believe that the game originated in China and was taken to Europe by tradesmen. For some historians, the game originated in ancient Rome when soldiers played by spinning wheels of chariots whereas some others strongly believe that it originated in Tibet. Although it is found that many versions of a wheel and spinning ball originated in Europe in the early 17th century, the most accepted view is that it originated in its present form in France.
The word Roulette is originally French and means 'little wheel'. It is observed that in 1655, a French scientist, Blaise Pascal who had a passion for perpetual-motion devices, invented the roulette wheel. In 1842, a single zero roulette was developed by Francois and Louis Blanc. Since gambling was illegal in France at that time, this game was launched in Germany. Francois then introduced the Roulette to Monte Carlo which remained exclusive to Monte Carlo till almost 1933 and a series of Monte Carlo casinos sprung up which eventually made this place a haven for the rich and the famous people who came in search of casinos and resorts. Although these facts are there, regarding the origin of the Roulette, each individual would have his/her own version to tell you.

The modern Roulette wheel, with its alternating colors, was first used in 1796 in Paris. Like most things in history, the Roulette wheel also was introduced to the US by Europeans somewhere during the 1800's. But the ever ambitious Americans improvised on the European wheels and gave shape to the 31 pocket roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel hosts only thirty seven slots. And this is exactly why we have two variants of the roulette wheel- the European and the American. But, with an additional pocket, the chances of winning while playing on an American roulette wheel are less than on a European wheel. And strangely, in most American casinos, they use the European wheel today because of the better odds of winning. And eventually, due to the popularity of the game of roulette, two zeros were added to increase house odds. Gradually, the Roulette won over the people of the US and in a short span of time it became one of the most popular casino games available. In the US, the Roulette is also known as the American Wheel.

The history of roulette cannot really be pinned down to one place in particular although most believe that the game originated in France. Currently the game of roulette is played all over the world in both forms, American and European.