USA Bingo

There are different variations of bingo that are played in different countries around the world. Both Canada and the United States play one variation of the game, which we will refer to as USA bingo from this point on. USA bingo is a game of luck.

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The first USA bingo games seem to have originated in Atlanta in 1929 where players placed dried beans on a cardboard board. A man by the name of Edwin Lowe was impressed with the game and took it and introduced it into New York. The game was originally called Beano, however around this time, it became known as Bingo. By the 1940s, the game of USA bingo had spread around the United States and was a raving success as a form of USA gambling.

Today, USA bingo is primarily played by charitable organizations and churches as a form of fundraising. USA casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA offer commercial USA bingo games. They are also available in Native American casinos and bingo halls.
Bingo logic is often used on scratch card games or as the basis for online games sold by lotteries. There are also many online bingo rooms available for US gambling. It is important for Americans to find a bingo room that accepts US players as there are different laws in different states as to the legality of bingo gambling.

USA bingo is played on a card with a grid of numbers. Each card has a unique combination of numbers so that each player has a different card. Each game of USA bingo may require a different pattern to be formed on the card and thus, the required pattern is announced prior to the beginning of play. The caller (who does not hold a card himself) randomly selects a numbered ball from a container and calls the chosen number out to the players. If a player has a card with that particular number, he will mark it off of his card. The ball is then set aside so that it cannot be selected again. Play continues as such until a player has covered all of the required numbers. He must then shout out either "bingo" or the name of the pattern he has marked. More than one game may be played per card in other words, a player may be required to cover the top row, then a full card.

Commercial halls for this form of USA gambling, often have players sitting at tables with their cards taped down around them. It is not uncommon for a player to play with thirty cards at one time. The numbers may be displayed on a television monitor to allow players time to search their cards. An element of speed is required in the game. Numbers will also be called out and "bingo" cannot be achieved until the number is called out loud.

USA bingo is often used in primary schools as a teaching method. The numbers may be replaced with pictures, simple words or unsolved math problems. The game is played according to the rules of USA bingo.