Bingo Hall


Online Bingo has exploded and there are now a number of websites around that allow people the chance to play Bingo online. While a lot of these websites are rather run of the mill, the website that is available at Bingo Hall is quite a bit different. To find out more about exactly how good these guys are, simply read on!

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Bingo Hall Welcomes US Players!

Like most of the online casinos and bingo halls of today, Bingo Hall has conditional acceptance of players from the United States. They will accept players from the 39 states within the country that do not have legislation banning online gambling. Players from the other 11 states however will not be allowed to play online at Bingo Hall.

Bingo Hall Software & Graphics

The software and graphics at Bingo Hall fall distinctly into the lack of noticing category. In other words, the software and graphics are made so that they blend into the game and are augmenting the game rather than detracting from it. This means that technically they are neither very good nor very bad and while some people do not like this, for other people it is the best thing that could be said about the software and graphics that are carried by a specific Bingo website.

Bingo Hall Games

There are all sorts of Bingo games available for people to play at Bingo Hall and there are a number of different wagering limits as well so that if you do not have a lot of money to devote to this newfound hobby, then you simply play at a lower limit and you will be able to make your money last. On the other hand, if you feel that you need a short break from the game of Bingo, you can get that too because in addition to Bingo, the site also offers games of slots and video poker for you to patronize.

Bingo Hall Bonuses and Promotions

There are a number of different promotions available at Bingo Hall but they can be divided into two separate and distinct categories. The first of those categories is the deposit bonus category and at the current moment in time Bingo Hall has a deposit bonus for every deposit that happens to be made on a Friday. If you deposit between $25 and $99 then the bonus is 125%. If you deposit between $100 and $199, then the bonus is 165%. If you deposit between $200 and $299, then the bonus is 190%. And finally, the grand bonus of all bonuses available on the website, any deposit that you make above $299 will land you an absolutely spectacular 250% bonus.

In addition to these bonuses, there are also promotions that occur during specific games at specific times. For example, if you play between six and eight in the morning in the quarter stream, you have a chance at winning a $50 jackpot. Playing for the next two hour stretch in the same stream gives you a number of chances at winning progressive jackpots. The next two hour stretch has chances at $25 jackpots. These promotions are entirely separate from the bonuses offered.

Play Bingo Hall Now!

Yes, it is now time to visit the Bingo Hall website and start enjoying your Bingo gaming now!