Best Online Bingo Casinos

One big advantage of the best online casinos is they offer games you donít always get in a real casino. The best online casinos bring together all of your favorite traditional games, but also allow for some games that you might not otherwise find.

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One of the most interesting additions to the online wagering landscape is the game of bingo.
Bingo is played in many parlors and in many places around the world, including some casinos.
Online, though, it is a staple of many popular casinos.

Bingo is very much a game of chance. It is similar to Keno in some ways.

The object of bingo is very simple Ė you are playing against other players. You are trying to complete a pattern on your card before another players does.

The best online casinos offer this game, some in a network that allows players from multiple casinos to participate and build bigger pots for the winners.

Online, the game is played exactly the same as in real life, but the setup is much more convenient.

There are two types of bingo: British (or Australian) and American. In both games, players are simply trying to complete patterns before the other players. In British/Australian Bingo, cards have nine columns with three rows. Numbers are drawn until a player completes a line or a "house."
In American bingo, a player gets a card with numbers on it. The numbers correspond with the word "BINGO" across the top. There are 25 spaces with one free space in the middle.

Numbers are drawn until a player completes a line with five numbers in a horizontal row, five in a vertical row or five diagonally.

Whoever hits this first is the winner.

Bingoís history goes all the way back to Italy in the 1500s with a lottery game. It is still played every Saturday in Italy. The game first showed up in the United States in the late 20s as a game called "Beano."

A man named Edwin Lowe renamed it Bingo after he heard someone shout out "Beano" and thought they said "Bingo."

By 1934, Bingo had become a way to raise money for churches, and had become wildly popular.
Now an estimated $90 million is spent on the game every week in North America alone.

The popularity has spread to the Internet, where the best online casinos are making the game more available than ever to players around the world. It is no longer just a way for churches to raise money, or a staple of Italian weekly gambling.

The British/Australian version developed later. Bingo came to the UK in the 1960s. Clubs developed, and it became wildly popular. British casinos were those hitting the Internet with the game first, helping to push the current boom.

There are now literally dozens of sites offering online bingo, and it makes a nice mix with other casino gaming. Players who want a well-rounded experience at the best online casinos should find bingo very much to their liking.