Origins of Bingo

Bingo is a cry of joy, a shout of victory and a yell of elation. It is a welcome word for win. Never ever it is associated with grief or misery. Not a single streak of sadness on it. We never cry bingo when we are shocked or upset. It is always pure bliss.

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Bingo was originated in Italy in the year 1530 as a lottery game. Then it traveled to France and there it gained new force and energy. In the 1800s it appeared in Germany, but not as an entertainer but as an educator. Here it was used to teach children spelling, words of objects and the also tiring multiplication tables. Unbelievable isnít it?

The arrival of Bingo into the US was equally amazing. A traveling salesman from New York, Edwin Lowe saw the game being played in a carnival in a region near to Atlanta in 1929. Back home, a fascinated Edwin explained the game to his friends and in no time they were all taken in. They used old beans, a rubber stamp for numbering and cardboard to play. One of the players called out Bingo when he won the game. Now the calling out is customary to inform other players that a certain person has won the game. By 1940 Bingo became a huge hit and the country surrendered to its magical charm. And it still continues.

Bingo is played in United States and Canada. It is also popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia it is called housie. It is slightly different from its US counterpart.
Bingo is a game of chance and it is one of the easiest games. That may be the reason for its popularity. Online Bingo is the game played on the internet. In online Bingo huge amount of money is involved. It is termed as a multi billion dollar business. Several big branded companies like Yahoo are now associated with online Bingo. United States and Japan have the maximum online bingo players closely followed by United Kingdom.

Though the money is a big attraction, it is not all that pulls people to the bingo sites. In land-based Bingo talking is strictly banned. But in the online Bingo the picture is different. All the bingo sites actively encourages chatting. It is a platform to meet people and break barriers. Winning money and friends at the same time is a tempting offer. All this can be done in the safety of oneís own house. No need to go out, no hurry burry.

The game became very popular with ladies clubs and parlor gatherings and still is a house favorite with lady players. To attract their women players some of the bingo sites came up with features that would be interesting to women players such as this included beauty tips, recipes etc.
There are certain things to be taken care of before actually succumbing to the charisma of online Bingo. Authenticity of the site, how fast they pay money, how they maintain the site and which software they are using. These are some of the very important questions players need to find out before they actually start gaming.