Online Bingo Glossary

Although bingo is an entirely a game of chance and one of the online games where no betting is involved, the world of online bingo can often turn out to be a very perplexing and mystifying place. Bingo is in essence a table game, but truly different from anything that you have ever come across. Though bingo has some resemblances to other casino games like the roulette and poker or even lottery, it is neither of them has its own element. So, it is essential that you know the game and its intricacies, before you attempt to play this unique card game. Once you are familiar with the terms that you may accustom while playing bingo and are aware of the game’s glossary, I am sure you will never ever be in any dilemma while playing bingo online.

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Bingo Game

Bingo games are easy and they have a simple principle where each player buys a bingo card that is usually a paper card with 75 numbers printed on it haphazardly. There has a rotary basket from where a player picks balls marked with numbers in a manner that is similar to lottery. There is a host who reads the numbers and if any player has the drawn number on his bingo card, they need to note it down. The first player to conclude a certain pattern of numbers wins the game. Since a player is required to handle a number of cards in a bingo game, he is also required to learn the online bingo glossary so that he is familiar with the terms and descriptions associated with the game. These will help him not only to understand online bingo, but also win jackpots and enjoy the game.

The Glossary

Remember, whether you are playing bingo online or at any land casino, the game has it unique lingo as well as a glossary of term. These are also very popular and common in almost all online bingo halls. Here are a few of them that I am sure would help you to play the game better as well as win jackpots:
• Admission Packet: This means the minimum number of cards a player purchases to be admitted to a bingo hall and this may vary from three to six cards.
• Auto-purchase: This is a special feature of an online bingo hall where the site offers software to automatically purchase cards at the beginning of each game.
• After Game: Normally, a bingo game is played after regular sessions, but online bingo offers you the facility to play the game whenever you desire.
• Bingo Cards: The bingo cards comprise of 24 numbered cards and one blank for free spaces. The numbers on bingo cards are randomly marked and they are placed in five columns of five rows – making the number 25 and providing the players with the opportunity to select from thousands of unique collections.
• Bingo Bonanza: This is a Jackpot game that is played in the 13th session of a game. Here 45 numbers are pulled before the session begins and the players mark them on separate cards and put them aside. While the amount of the Jackpot depends on the number of card sales that week, the countdown for this game begins at the 48th number and continues till the 52nd number or till the game has been won.

• Flimsy: When a Bingo card is printed on thin sheets of paper it is called a Flimsy or Throwaways. Usually there are three such cards, but flimsies are also printed in one, two, four, six or 9-card formats.
• Wild Number: This normally refers to a game on a double bingo that leads into a triple bingo. The first number out of the ball decides the wild number, like of someone draws 42, all the numbers ending in 2 should be left out.

• Wrap Up: This is the name of the last game of a bingo session.

Well in addition to these, there are scores of other terms in the online glossary which you may search from the Internet or gather information on while you progress with the game.