Online Bingo Nicknames

Online Bingo Nicknames: rhyming and logical

With the advent of the Internet, came a new language that enabled users to communicate with each other online with acronyms in order to save time as well as launch an instant messaging system that is entertaining too. Similarly, bingo too has its own language called ‘nicknames’ that often engulf new players in online bingo chat rooms. In all there are as many as 90 ‘nicknames’ associated with each card in bingo, but many of them have either become redundant owing to passage of time or with the advent of online bingo halls.

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Genesis of Bingo lingo

It may make one wonder how, unlike other online casino games; bingo has such a loaded collection of nicknames? The genesis of bingo nicknames dates back to the time when computer number drawings were yet to substitute the air balloon balls subscribed with numbers to be called by the players. As the air balloons with the subscribed numbers were released players waging a bet would call the number and then follow it up by uttering something idiosyncratic. Over the passage of time, such quirky names became a norm with the game and the regular attendees soon became familiar with the nicknames associated with each number.

When bingo is played in halls, many of them are particularly big enough to house tennis courts and are mostly packed to the hilt; it often becomes difficult for everyone to hear which cards the players are calling. Hence, with a view to overcome the murmurings of the multitude of people present inside the hall, bingo players devised novel ways to make them heard to all. Soon, the bingo players adopted humorous ways of making them audible amidst the commotion halls. And thus, began the saga of bingo nicknames. It not only helped the players and the audience to hear each other, but also introduced fun and entertainment to the game.

Online bingo chat lingo

Again, most of the online casinos offering bingo games also maintain lively chat rooms enabling the players to socialize with each other. Bingo is a social game and so here the players can share their experiences, discuss strategies, seek technical advice from veterans and virtually talk about anything. Like in the bingo played at the local churches, players can use bingo nicknames to denote particular cards or hands. While it is not possible to provide the entire glossary of online bingo nicknames in an article so restricted, below I am listing some examples for a new bingo player to get an idea of the topic.

Rhyming nicknames

As discussed earlier, each bingo card from 1-90 has a unique nickname associated with it. While some of these are simply and easy to comprehend, others are tricky. When a player calls ‘four and nine’ in an online bingo game, he is referring to card number 49, on the contrary, if he calls ‘Pick and Mix’ you ought to know that he is referring to the card number 26. Again there are some rhyming nicknames like ‘Tom’s Tricks’ meaning card number 6. A few of these nicknames also have references to Biblical anecdotes like ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ meaning card number 23. Remember, online bingo has a lingo exclusively it’s own and this can often be confusing to the newbie.