What is Keno?

Many Las Vegas casinos have slowly phased out Keno. Once a popular numbers game that you could play while you were sitting down to lunch, it has slowly begun to disappear.
However, it is still prominent in many casinos and still very much a part of the online atmosphere. Even the new microgaming casino features Keno.

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Keno was actually invented in ancient China in roughly 200 B.C. While its actual origins are unclear, legend has it that a version of Keno was used to raise money to build the Great Wall of China.
The game became popular in the United States when Chinese immigrants brought it with them in the 1800s.
Modern day Keno is played with a card and numbers to be checked off.
Online play is even easier; you simply pick an amount you wish to wager, click on 15 numbers from 1 through 80.
The computer then randomly chooses 20 numbers one at a time. The more you have correct, the more money you make. Should you actually catch all 15 of your numbers, the payout is 10,000 to 1.
While this is unlikely, you can still make nice money at keno.
Keno is very much like the lottery; it is random numbers and gambling at its purest form. However, there are some rules you can follow. The more numbers you pick, the more chances you have to make more money. But you also have to hit more numbers to collect. Picking just one number and hitting it will pay 2-1. But picking 15 and hitting all of them pays 10,000-1.
Most casinos will tell you to pick at least 11 numbers, because the payout is a potential 3,000-1 for hitting everything, while you only need to catch three numbers to break even.
Since keno is a pure gambling game, it is really recommended you play all 15 numbers and go for the biggest scores possible.
After all, this is gambling at its purest.
There is no particular skill to picking numbers since they are randomly generated. Use birthdays, favorite dates, whatever you like. Each draw is independent of the last and each game stands on its own, so there is on set pattern you can follow.
Whether it is an old or a new microgaming casino, keno is a nice way to pass the time with small investments and a potentially monster payday. While the house collects a higher percentage of keno than most games, it is a nice, relaxing, play the numbers kind of game.
In reality, the best skill to practice is keno is simply to have fun. Come up with a unique way to choose your numbers and throw them out there. Don't overthink things. This is a game of random results and pure fun and its best to just throw your numbers up and hope for the best.
While there are some books that will attempt to show you a keno “system,” the truth is, it's just a fun game to gamble on. Save your money on the strategy books and spend it on the game itself, and then you might get lucky and get a big score.