Learning Basic Keno Strategies

A Brief Introduction to Keno

Keno is a form of Chinese lottery that has been around for quite a few centuries now. The game originated in China, some believe, and made its way from there to the western world through immigrant workers who came here to make a living. Even though Keno has been around in the U.S. since at least the 1800s, the game's popularity here did not take off until the 1930s.

One of the key factors for the surge in the popularity of Keno in the U.S. is the legalizing of gambling by Nevada. Soon, the game of Keno could be seen in all the casinos, where people came to try their luck at winning money, and the popularity of the game spread. With the coming of the Internet, the game of Keno has become even more popular.

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Some Basic Keno Strategies

For every game that you play, there is a certain element of strategy involved. This is true even of Keno. Keno is a game of fortune, and there is not much you can do to influence the course of a game, be it in the offline or the online version. However, there are still a few basic things you can do to ensure you do not end up losing more than you could have won.

The first thing to do is check that you are playing in a game that offers the maximum payout. As with some of the other gambling games, the payouts in Keno vary from one casino to another. To ensure you get to win the maximum, make sure you know which casinos have the best payouts and play only in these casinos.

One good practice is to check the pay tables of the different casinos to determine where you are going to play. Ideally, you should be going to those casinos that offer the best in terms of payouts.

Another strategy you can adopt is to ensure you do not pick too many numbers. This is because of the odds involved in the game. Keno is, finally, a lottery, and there is not much you can do to ensure you win. The odds of your winning will diminish as you continue to pick more numbers.

Some More Keno Strategies

When playing in Keno live at a traditional casino, make sure you remain alert. There is a chance of being carried away by the comforts available and also being easily distracted. The lesser numbers you choose the more chances you have of winning.

It is also important that you play Keno more to have a good time and relax than win. The randomness of the game, be it the online or the offline version, ensures you cannot adopt any sure shot strategy to win all the time. Do not waste time trying out stuff like breaking the code, thinking through the game, etc. All these are no good as the basis of winning in this game is luck, and not skill.

Instead, try and play Keno for fun. Use the game as a means of relaxation and entertaining yourself, and you will see yourself enjoying it. When you play for fun, the good feeling that comes from winning money gets multiplied many times over.