Keno Rules

The game of Keno, which can be found today at the best online casinos, has derived from an ancient Chinese game that used Chinese characters. The modern version of Keno uses a choice of numbers and can be described as a type of lottery game. As is the case with other casino games, it is recommended to obtain an understanding of the Keno game, before playing for real money.

Keno Basics

The first aspect to understand about Keno is that this is an exciting game that is based mainly on chance. The game of Keno consists of a board containing the different numbers from one to eighty. A player may select up to fifteen varying numbers out of the eighty possible alternatives. Twenty winning numbers are then chosen randomly by the computer. Keno is a simple game to learn and to understand.

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How to Play Keno Online

The first step in the game of online Keno is to place a bet. By using the chip selector increase (+) or chip selector decrease (-), a player can choose the required betting amount. Once the bets have been finalized, the time has come to choose numbers for the Keno game. Rather like in a lottery game, many players have personal and individual reasons for the selection of different numbers at Keno. The choice is left entirely up to the player whether there is reason behind the selection or whether it is totally random. In order to choose the numbers and play the game, the Keno player drags the mouse over the selected number and then clicks. This action will show up the area containing the chosen number. The player then repeats the same action for up to fifteen numbers. Should a player decide that a selected number is no longer desired, an additional click of the mouse on the relevant square will cancel the original selection. In order to set the Keno game into motion, the player simply presses the "click to play" button. When selected numbers are drawn, the squares are lit up. At the end of the draw, credits are added automatically. A player, who wishes to play another game of Keno immediately, presses clear. The player may then select new numbers and begin to play Keno once more.

Online Keno Instructions

Online Keno will players will find that rules and instructions for the game are generally laid out on the computer screen at the best online casinos. In addition, Keno payout details are explained online. Even though it is considered a simple game, it is advisable to gain an insight to the game of Keno before starting to play.

Free Keno Games as Learning Tool

Free games that are available online provide an excellent way in which to learn how to play Keno. These games enable players to try out, sample and practice the game of Keno for no charge.