Playing Online Keno

Keno is a very interesting game and it is actually a game that you may have played before without even knowing it. Regardless of that fact, if you have played any general lottery before then you have a general idea of how the game of Keno works. While Keno is not a lottery as it is played in an online casino, there are many parallels to how the games work.

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The Idea

There are 80 numbers in the field of Keno. If you play at some online casinos, that number might be different but in general what you are going to find is that the 80 numbers available in the field of Keno is the standard amount of numbers that will be given out by the online casino that you play at. You pick certain numbers from that field, increasing your bet as you pick more numbers but at the same time ensuring a larger prize if you happen to win. Once you have picked your numbers, the draw happens and the results of the draw are posted on the screen. It is quite a simple game that requires virtually no strategy and that is why many people find it to be a very attractive game.

Available Bets

The most common bet that is done in Keno is known as a straight bet. This is a bet that just sees you place money on the outcome of a single straight ticket and you select many numbers for that straight ticket. On a standard Keno game, you would select between 1 and 15 numbers, but at the same time certain online casinos will push that number up to 40 for you to select if you wish.

Next after the straight bet, the most common bet made is the combination bet. As the name might imply, the combination bet is very similar to the straight bet, except you can combine different straight bets in different orders on one ticket through the use of the combination bet. For every extra combination that you happen to add to your combination bet ticket, you are going to have to pay an extra unit of bet (a unit being equivalent to whatever increment of betting you are using at the time that you make your combination bet).

Somewhat similar to the combination ticket is the split ticket. When you play a split ticket, what you do is you play multiple games on one card and therefore you get the chance to be around for multiple draws with the different games that you have available to you separated on the ticket by a line or a circle around each straight bet. This is very similar to going into a store and getting a quick pick for the lottery and playing the encore while you are at it.

These are the standard bets that are available to Keno players and if you are interested in playing the game of Keno, the straight bet, combination bet and split bet are good places to start.