Online vs Offline Keno

An Overview of Keno

Anyone reading this article will have at least a general idea of what Keno is. Just for the benefit of anyone who may have come to this page without knowing much about Keno, it is a game of chance that had its origins in a Chinese lottery.

The game became popular in the U.S. once the casinos sprung up after the legalization of gambling in Nevada in the 1930s, though it had been around in the country since the 1800s. Today, with the arrival of the Internet, you can play Keno offline, at a land-based casino, or online, at an online casino.

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There are some who prefer the land-based casinos for a game of Keno, while there are others who prefer the online version of the game. Let us take a look at online versus offline Keno.

Online Vs. Offline Keno - Which is Better?

The debate about which of the two is better - online or offline keno - has been on ever since keno first went online with the rest of the gambling games. However, there is no clear answer to this question, and one can put it down to a matter of personal preference.

There could be some people who love playing Keno at a land-based offline casino, simply because they are used to it, or because they love the ambience that a casino has. There may be other players more in sync with technology that prefer the online version of keno.

Each of these types of Keno has its own innate merits and demerits, and which one you choose to play depends on what you are comfortable with.

Merits and Demerits of Playing Offline Keno

Playing keno at an offline, traditional casino has a number of merits, not the least among them being the sheer atmosphere that a casino generates. The glamour, the attention you get, all can be strong reasons for you wanting to play keno offline. You can sip on any of a large array of beverages, relax and play the game. Moreover, a casino trip can be a holiday experience for some, and a chance to meet some of the best players for those who are professionals at the game.

There are demerits as well, of course. Keno games at casinos are traditionally fast paced, and you have no control over the pace, the casino does. Besides, it can get real crowded at a casino, and you may not be able to enjoy your game of keno totally. Moreover, there is the hassle and cost associated of physically traveling to a casino and playing keno there.

Merits and Demerits of Playing Keno Online

Playing keno online has its own share of advantages. For one, like anything else online, you can play keno online from the comfort of your home. You do not have to spend time, money, and energy traveling to a particular location to play it. You have complete privacy, and the security at online casinos is really high. You also get bonuses, prizes, and other incentives, something that you will not get at a casino, save a welcome drink, probably.

The primary disadvantage is the need for computer and Internet access. If you do not have these, then your online keno experience simply will not happen. Besides, you also have to be at least minimally tech-savvy to be able to play online. For someone not used to computers and working the Internet, this can be a huge disadvantage. Even if you are familiar with the technology, you would still need a bit of time to get used to the interface at the casino. Different casinos have different interfaces, and adjusting to each of them can be problematic.