Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo is a type of casino game, played using three dice. Originated in China, Sic Bo is now played widely across the world. Literally meaning 'dice pair' Sic Bo is a game of chance and is played on a table that is especially made for this game. The prime object of this game is to place a wager on what you think would be the outcome of the dice roll. Alternatively known as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Hi-Lo, and big and small, Sic Bo's odds and table layout differs from place to place.

As mentioned earlier, Sic Bo is absolutely a game of chance, and hence is quite difficult to devise a strategy that helps gamers to beat the house. However, there are certain strategies to win, provided if you carefully place the bet. In the game of Sic Bo, the players can place any of the eight varieties of bets such as,

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Number Bet: In this case, the players may require a particular number to come on as many dice as possible. The players are required to select any of the numbers between one and six, and place chips on the specified area. If one dice has landed on the number that a player has predicted, then he would win 1:1. Likewise, if two dice would land on the number a player has predicted, he would win 2:1. Eventually, if three dice have landed on the casino player's predicted number; he would win 3:1.

Two dice bet: In two dice bet, the gamers would predict that any two of the dice would land on a combination of two numbers that gamers select. In this case, the third dice does not have any effect on the game, if the other two dice would land on the number you have predicted. A payoff of 6:1 could be won.

Duo: Also known as pair bet, this is a kind of bet in which players can wager on two different numbers. A player has an option to choose from a range of given combinations. If a player won the bet, then he is a paid a payoff of 5:1.

Triple Bet: It is also known as three of a kind bet. In this type of bet, a player would predict that all of three dice would land on the same number. If you win the game, you would be a pay off of 24:1.

Sum of Three Dice Bet: In Sum of Three Dice Bet, a player would predict a number that will be the sum of the three dice, which will be a number from 4-17.

Small or Big Bet: In this type of bet, the gamers predict that sum of three dice would total a range of numbers. This is called small bet when player predict that dice would total any of the numbers between four and ten. Likewise, it is called big bet would total any of the numbers between 11 and 17.

Any Triple: In this case, if each of the three dice has the same number the player has predicted, then he would win.