Rules of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of chance but there are still some Sic bo rules to follow. There are three types of bets possible. You can place a single number bet, or a two number combination. In the latter case you are betting on the two dice combinations. A third kind of betting is three number wagers. Here you are betting on the possible total of the numbers that may come up after it is rolled. Bet options are variations of this and they are:

Single die

Here you bet that at least one die will come up with your number you have opted. So if the number you have opted is 1 and one die turns up displaying that, you win. However if two dice display that number it is a double win, and if all the three were to land on your number you have a three fold win.

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Specific double

As in the earlier case if you have opted 1, in this kind of betting your wager is that, at least two dice will land up on the number you have selected.

Specific triple

In this kind of betting, if you have opted the number one, your wager is that all three dices would end up displaying the number one.

Any triple

Here you are not betting on any number. But your wager is that all three dices will end up displaying the same number

Two dice combination

Here you are betting on the outcome of two of the three dices. So if you have selected the numbers 1 and 3, you win if at least two of the three dices end up displaying the numbers 1 and 3.

Three dice total

In this case you are betting on the exact total of the numbers displayed by dices after they have been rolled. So if your wager is 9 and the results of the rolled dices are 5-2-2, 5-3-1 or 3-3-3 you win.

Small and Big

Here you bet on the sum of the numbers that dices will display after it is rolled. For small your numbers can be any thing from 4 to 10 and for big any number from 11 to 17. In such wagers the odds are 1-1 and if the outcome is a triplet, all small and big wagers lose.

Sic bo is a table game played with specific sic bo rules. It is played on specifically designed tables. All players would have to place their bets, after which the dealer rolls the dices. This is done using a special kind of cage. Now it can be played online too. Here you first click on a chip displaying the number. Then you click on the bet area of the table to place your bet. After that you click the roll button and the numbers are displayed after they are rolled. Click new game for a replay. Though Sic bo is a game of chance, the rules of Sic bo can help you to improve your performance.