Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo, sometimes referred as Lucky Dice, is an interesting as well as ancient dice game that was originated in China. Alternatively known by different names such as Hi Lo, Dai Siu, Big and Small, and Tai Sai, this game is must popular in Asian nations such as Macau, Korea, and Philippines. The game is also highly popular in destinations such as Australia and Nevada. Sic Bo is more or less like Grand Hazard, a much famed English game. This exciting game can be played in casinos, both on land-based casinos and online casinos. Discussed further in this article are details on how to play this game as well as the rules associated with it.

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The Sic Bo casino game is played with 3 standard dice, all of which are shaken in a plastic cup or basket. In online casinos, the dice are shaken automatically. Further, it is played on a table that has been especially designed for this game. The prime objective of Sic Bo is to choose an individual number or a combination of one or numbers that may be shown on the dice after the throw. In Sic Bo, the players start the game by selecting a possible outcome and placing a bet on a selected possibility. Then, the players should place their chips on the designated areas of their choice. No matter the chips are placed by the dealers or players themselves, the player is responsible for the right positioning of their bet on the layout. On fixing the bet, click on the roll button and now you can see the dice rolling down and eventually coming to rest. If the dice roll is same as the bet, the player would win the Sic Bo game.

In the game of Sic Bo, the player could make seven different types of bets, such as,

Single Dice: In this case, at least one dice must land on your number. For example, if you bet on number 5, then you would win the game if the dice falls on number 5. You would win more it two dice land on number 5. Likewise, you can win even more if all of three dice land on number 5.

Two Number Combinations: In two number combinations, the player can place a bet on any two of the three dice. For instance, if you place wager on two numbers, 5 and 7, you could win the game if one dice falls on number 5 and the second one land on number 7. The position of the third dice will not be taken into account.

Three Number Totals: This is a total of all three dice. In this bet type, you could succeed the game with a triple.

Small and Big: This bet is placed on the total of all three dice. Small bet is made on a sum of four through ten, and big bet is made on a sum of 11 through 17. All of the big as well as small bets would lose in case the result of the roll appears to be a triplet.

Triple: In this bet, the player could win the Sic Bo game in case all the three dice would land on the same number you have selected.

In short, the player could win the game of Sic Bo when the outcome of dice matches with your bet.