Basics of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an Asian game of Chinese origin. Literally Sic Bo is translated as 'dice pair', but in reality it is played with three dice on a special table in casinos. In the West and US, Sic Bo is one of the less known casino games. In the East however it is a very popular game. It is played in the casinos of Macao and in countries like Korea and Philippines. It is also known as "Dai Siu" which means "Big Small" In the West however there are variants of this game, Chuck-a-Luck' and Birdcage are examples of this. Usually they are confined to special rooms set aside for Asian games in various casinos. The widespread penetration of the internet has facilitated the online playing of Sic Bo, particularly for people averse to big risk or for those who are new to the game.

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Among casino games, Sic Bo is one of the simplest and once you understand the basics of Sic Bo then there is no problem. The objective of the game is to bet on the result of a roll of the dice, it is basically a game of luck and you can place three kinds of bets. You can place a single number bet, or a two number combination. In the latter case you are betting on the two dice combinations. A third kind of betting is three number wagers. Here you are betting on the possible total of the numbers that may come up after it is rolled. Sic bo is practiced on a table that depicts the 50 bets allowed by the rules in easy to understand pictures along with the appropriate payout. Gamers can place their wagers on the correct portion of the gaming table once the wager is made; the dice is shaken in a cage. In Asian countries, the dice is placed in a plate and concealed by a bowl. It is then shaken and then opened to show the roll. However in many modern casinos in the west, mechanical shaking is done and the result is inputted into to a computer, which is automatically lit when the winning combination comes up.

Being a game of chance, players can adopt strategies that match their temperament and risk taking ability. If you are of the cautious type, adopt a low risk strategy, where you can maximize your odds and the house has a low edge. Small Big and combination bets are the best for such players. You may however want to raise your stakes still farther. Whatever may be your inclination, study the house edge, before placing a bet. It is worth remembering that though odds may seem attractive, for most bets the house advantage is high. The problem with house edge is that it is not standardized and may vary among casinos. This is however purely a game of chance and so everything depends upon sticking with the best odds and where the house has the lowest advantage. More than the money that you can reap, it is the fun part which makes Sic Bo popular.