Sic Bo is an Asian game of Chinese origin. It is played in the casinos of Macao, the only place in China where gambling is legalized and is as popular as other games like Fan Tan and Pai Gow. There it is played under the name, "Dai Siu" which means "Big Small", In Philippines it is however known as 'Hi Lo'. Apart from China, it is popular in most of Southeast Asia and Korea. It is a simple game and the history of Sic bo is based mostly in China, where the player has to select an individual number or a combination which is likely is appear after they are shaken and rolled. In modern casinos, betting possibilities and their payoff amounts displayed on the table layout. (Read More)
The origins of the Sic Bo game can be traced to ancient China when the game was played with three dices, though the name means 'two dices'. Today, the fame and name of this online casino game is well spread all over Asia as well as a good number of Western Casinos. The name of the game is derived from the fact that this game though played with three dices is judged by the sum or combination of any two dices. (Read More)
Sic Bo is an Asian game of Chinese origin. Literally Sic Bo is translated as 'dice pair', but in reality it is played with three dice on a special table in casinos. In the West and US, Sic Bo is one of the less known casino games. In the East however it is a very popular game. It is played in the casinos of Macao and in countries like Korea and Philippines. It is also known as "Dai Siu" which means "Big Small" In the West however there are variants of this game, Chuck-a-Luck' and Birdcage are examples of this. Usually they are confined to special rooms set aside for Asian games in various casinos. The widespread penetration of the internet has facilitated the online playing of Sic Bo, particularly for people averse to big risk or for those who are new to the game. (Read More)
Sic Bo, sometimes referred as Lucky Dice, is an interesting as well as ancient dice game that was originated in China. Alternatively known by different names such as Hi Lo, Dai Siu, Big and Small, and Tai Sai, this game is must popular in Asian nations such as Macau, Korea, and Philippines. The game is also highly popular in destinations such as Australia and Nevada. Sic Bo is more or less like Grand Hazard, a much famed English game. This exciting game can be played in casinos, both on land-based casinos and online casinos. Discussed further in this article are details on how to play this game as well as the rules associated with it. (Read More)
As is perhaps suggested by its name, the roots of Sic Bo lie in ancient China. In the beginning of the twentieth century, Sic Bo was brought into the United States by immigrants from China who entered into the country in order to work. This game was a popular form of entertainment among the Chinese community and word about Sic Bo began to spread. Sic Bo then reached the casinos. In land based casinos, Sic Bo can usually be found in special areas than contain Asian games. Following the great success of online casinos, accessed via the Internet, Sic Bo may also be found today as an attractive online form of entertainment. (Read More)
Sic Bo is a type of casino game, played using three dice. Originated in China, Sic Bo is now played widely across the world. Literally meaning 'dice pair' Sic Bo is a game of chance and is played on a table that is especially made for this game. The prime object of this game is to place a wager on what you think would be the outcome of the dice roll. Alternatively known as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Hi-Lo, and big and small, Sic Bo's odds and table layout differs from place to place. (Read More)
Any Double - It's a bet that two of the dices will show the number that you have stipulated. It is also called Any Pair. The chances are 8-1

Any Triple This is a bet that all three dice faces will show the number that you have bet. Here the chances are 24-1 (Read More)
Sic Bo is a game of chance but there are still some Sic bo rules to follow. There are three types of bets possible. You can place a single number bet, or a two number combination. In the latter case you are betting on the two dice combinations. A third kind of betting is three number wagers. Here you are betting on the possible total of the numbers that may come up after it is rolled. Bet options are variations of this and they are: (Read More)
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