Strategies of Craps

There are those who gamble to escape the predictability of everyday life and take some risks, there are those who seem to have acquired slot machine levers as new appendages, and, there are those who actually leave the casino in the black. I know what you're thinking, people who win big at the casino are just plain lucky or they're some mathematical genius' who can calculate probability faster than a dealer can say, “black jack”. But, if you, like me are devoid of horseshoes and hate fractions, then follow these simple tips and take a walk to the Craps table to try your luck.

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<>Tip #1: Keep your Cool and Stick to the Game Plan</>

The glitzy lights, ringing bells and bustling crowds are enough to make anyone lose their inhibitions at the casino, not to mention the free drinks if that casino happens to be in Sin City. But tip #1 is crucial to your success at the Craps table. Whether you plan on starting at the $5 table or the $100 table, you must maintain control of your game plan and yes, that means, you need to start with a game plan. Before placing your bets, decide if you're going to bet big or start small, and set your loss limits.

<>Tip #2: Lower the House Edge </>
Line bets are good, because the lower the House odds, the higher your odds are. These are Pass, and Don't Pass bets. Come and Don't Come bets work the same, but depend on the timing of the game. The next step is to enhance your bets, and in order to do that you need to make an Odds bet. If you Buy Odds, you're increasing a Pass bet and playing what is known as “right”. If you Lay Odds, you're increasing a Don't Pass bet and playing what is known as “wrong”. Depending on where you are playing, this will be a single or double bet. Stay in tune of how this is working for you, and if “luck” is on your side. If you feel good, you can start to spread your chips and cover your bets.

<>Tip #3: Educate Yourself before Going to the Casino (Optional)</>
There are many strategies out there on how to optimize your winnings when playing Craps. You can learn how to cover and hedge bets, how to calculate probability and even work on making sure you've got good casino karma. The information is endless, and the strategies can get very complicated. How much time you want to spend on educating yourself will depend on how determined you are at becoming a Craps master.

<>Tip #4: Say Your Prayers</>
Get on your knees and make your offerings to the gambling gods. You can read, strategize, test yourself and do as much research as possible, but the bottom line is, Craps is about dice, and just like in life, when your roll the dice, anything can happen.