Online Craps


The game of online craps is a game that many people have really become enamored of recently, simply because of the fact that the online version of the game has so much to offer. This is not to negatively impugn the offline version of the game since it is one of the best and most exciting casino games ever conceived, but it is rather to point out the ways in which the online version of the game has advantages. There are trade-offs involved to be sure, but the advantages of online craps over offline craps are pretty remarkable to notice.

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The first advantage that can be attributed to online craps is the advantage of convenience and this advantage can be seen in two distinct ways. The first is in travel time to the actual game. When you are playing offline craps, the travel time that you have towards the game is as long as it takes you to drive to the casino, find a place to park, get into the casino, wait in line for a place to become available at the craps table and buy your chips that you will need for the game. This can all take anywhere from half an hour minimum if the casino is close to you all the way up to three or four hours if it is a large distance away. This means that from the point of view of travel, it is clearly advantageous to play online craps because it will only take you a few minutes to turn on your computer, connect to the internet and get the game up and running.

The second distinct way in which this convenience advantage can be seen is in the method that you use to play craps online. For example, if you are in the physical world you are going to be surrounded by other players at the table and you might have to do a little friendly pushing and shoving in order to keep your place. Online however it is just you in the fold and therefore you do not have to worry about someone spilling their beer on you, accidentally spitting at you or alternatively trying to steal your chips. While you do not get the camaraderie of the offline game, you are also rid of those inconveniences and many people absolutely prefer making that trade-off with no problem whatsoever.


Another advantage in addition to the two illustrations of convenience that is worth pointing out is the advantage of price. When you are playing craps at a brick and mortar casino, you are going to be very lucky if you ever get a chance to bet under $5 in a single game. However, when you play online, you potentially have the chance to play for pennies or nickels at certain online casinos and when you consider just how amazing that is in a certain sense, you will enjoy it very much. Price and convenience combine to make the online craps game much better than its offline counterpart.