Casino gambling has evolved over the years, from smoky, grimy casinos to beautiful, glitzy palaces to the living room.
The proliferation of online casinos, powered by such software groups as microgaming, has made gaming a convenient, constant possibility.

Of all the casino games – live or online – craps is one of the most interesting. It is a social game in a live casino, where people often share in the excitement. Online in a microgaming casino, it can be just as exciting for different reasons.
The house edge in craps for a single bet is relatively low considering. There are may wagers to sort through, however, and gaining an understanding of these will help you maximize your experience at the craps table.
In craps, you are betting either for or against the person rolling the dice. Each betting round begins with the “come-out” roll. If this roll is a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the round ends and bets are paid immediately.

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On any other result, whatever the number comes up is called a “point number.”
Now, there are many bets available. The most common is the pass bet. It wins if a 7 or 11 is rolled and loses if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled. One the point number is established, the pass bet wins if the point number is rolled again before a 7 or 11 comes up. If the 7 or 11 hits, the pass bet loses. The house edge on this is 1.4 percent.
However, the player can actually make a bet with no house edge at the point, in live and microgaming. The pass bet gives players the chance to make a double odds bet – with no house edge – if the initial roll is a point number. This is the best bet in any casino.
The pass bet is the one most serious craps players bet and is the one you should try when just getting started at the game.

The opposite of the pass bet is the don't pass bet. If the come out roll is 2 or 3, you win, 7 or 11 you lose. Otherwise, the dice are rolled until either the point or a 7 is rolled. If the 7 comes first you win, if the point come first you lose.House edge is 1.364 percent on this bet.
You can also double bet after this wager, by “laying the odds.” Now you are betting a 7 will come out before the point.
The key to successful craps play is understanding these two basic wagers. Once you have them down, you can start expanding your bets accordingly. However, in live or microgaming, take some time to gain an understanding of the table and how it works. Online play gives you the opportunity to make several plays and get a sense of how to actually understand the game. Many microgaming casinos offer free play and you can learn how craps works before risking real money.

Keep in mind, however, that the best without a house edge are rare should be take advantage of whenever possible.