Lucky Nugget Casino

That there have been some lucky nuggets playing in the Lucky Nugget Casino lately is clear from the latest winner results. When a player walks home with a million dollars from a land-based casino there is something un-real about it. How much more so isnít it to win these kind of sums online never even leaving the comfort of the favorite computer chair? One thing is for sure, the Lucky Nugget Casino is for real and it encompasses a fun and safe gaming experience that should attract most players.

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Do you love slots?

Like in most casinos online built on the Microgaming software the slot selection is both impressive and special. Slots are meant to be entertaining and a big part of creating the fun is the graphics and sound effects. Microgaming has proven time after time that they know the art of producing exciting slot machines. With graphics that not only decorate but produce a story the player can truly enjoy the time being spent by the reels even though he might not hit one of the big jackpots.

Casino Games

While the slot gaming might be the strongest feature of the games to be found in the Lucky Nugget Casino the regular selection is not to be frowned upon. With a total of over 260 casino games no one should have any troubles finding one to their specific taste. The table games are there as well as the video poker and Blackjack. When it comes to these real games the software does a very good job in presenting graphics that give a land-based casino impression. The colors are tastefully chosen and donít interfere with the concentration of the player. All in all it can be said that the Lucky Nugget Casino delivers a high class gaming that is sure to last a long time.

Customer Service that goes a long way

One of the more difficult tasks for an online casino is to provide the high level customer service that a land-based casino can offer. The Lucky Nugget Casino delivers the most important elements of good customer service. To begin with, they are always available and this through a number of options. A player can choose to chat live with the staff, simply email or call. If the player lives in the USA, Canada or the UK the call is for free. Perhaps even more important than these things mentioned is the pleasantness that comes from the casino staff. No question is too dumb or annoying and this goes a long way in building a good relationship between the client and casino.

Money Matters

To deposit money in the Lucky Nugget Casino is easy and safe. A player can choose a method that is the most convenient to him. All transactions whether they are through credit cards or e-wallets are guarded by the Secure Socket Layer encryption technology that is known to be a safe alternative in banking online. When a player opens a real money account he will receive the impressive welcome bonus of $1000 for free to play with for one hour! This is just one of many lucrative offers to be found in the Lucky Nugget Casino.