Best Casino Atlantic City

While Las Vegas remains the U.S. gambling capital, Atlantic City has also become very prominent in the American gaming landscape. Some of the top casinos in the world are in Atlantic City.
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But the best casino Atlantic City has to offer is up for debate. There are several good ones and they all have a lot to offer.

1) Trump Taj Mahal. One of the most glamorous and famous casinos in the world, Donald Trump’s masterpiece is everything you would expect. It is a playground for the stars and its poker room is where the elite on the East Coast go to play.

2) Borgata. Perhaps most famous for its poker room, which has hosted some amazing World Poker Tour events. This casino is considered to be one of the best in the city.

3) Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort. Has 1,800 slot machines and 60,000 square feet as one of the high-end casinos on the boardwalk. It has high limits at the tables so bring some cash.

4) Bally’s Wild Wild West. While most of the Atlantic City casinos are simply nice hotels with no themes, Wild Wild West is themed. It has an old west feel with saloons and a touch of the old frontier. It is one of the more interesting casinos in Atlantic City.

5) Bally’s Park Place. One of the largest of the casinos, it has over 80,000 square feet and 2,300 slot machines. It is right in the center of the boardwalk with perhaps the best location in Atlantic City.

6) Harrah’s Atlantic City. Part of one of the most successful casino chains in America, this Harrah’s property is off the boardwalk – about three miles away – but it is an outstanding casino.

7) Caesars Atlantic City. One of the most well known casinos, it is also one of the best organized.

8) Resorts Atlantic City. The first casino in the city’s history is a bit of a throwback. Has over 70,000 square feet and remains one of the best places to play.

9) Tropicana. This is one of the best slot hotels in the world. It is also the largest hotel in the city. When trying to consider the best casino Atlantic City has to offer, this one has to make the list.

10) Trump Marina This waterfront monster is one of the most visually pleasing casinos. It also has over 80 table games and 2,000 slots to choose from.

The Atlantic City casinos along the boardwalk are some of the finest anywhere. As with any discussion, however, the best casino Atlantic City has to offer is really up to the player and he or she likes. All of the Atlantic City casinos have their own charm and personality, and individual players will feel more or less comfortable at different places.

No matter where you wind up, the Atlantic Casinos will provide a world-class experience, no matter which one you think is the best casino Atlantic City has to offer.