Despite of its name, the Club Euro is also open to USA players that would like to measure their powers against the Europeans. The European audience will not only find a very friendly and attractive casino but also the opportunity to get support through local telephone numbers. While anyone in the world can join this casino the payment methods are especially suited to the ones residing in Europe and it could very well be considered to be one of the best European casinos available online at the moment.

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When the player matters

To play in an online casino means to lose the immediate personal touch that a land-based casino is sure to offer. Online casinos have to compensate for this through exceptional customer service and this is one of the many strengths of the Club Euro The integrity of each individual player is at the heart of the casino and they surely prove this by an impressive customer service.

It is not unusual for online casinos to keep their customer services open 24/7 just like the Club Euro but not all casinos have the same variety of options to get into contact with the staff. At Club Euro a player can interact with the casino staff through telephone, email, live chat and regular mail. This gives a h2 feeling of solidity and makes sure that the player can communicate through the media that he prefers.

Trust is very important when playing online and when a player hands over his personal details he can be sure that the casino takes great care of them. There should be no fear of third parties taking part of any information about a player and no email advertising from strange addresses should start to pop up in the mail box after joining this casino. Another important detail is that the casino will not share information of any winnings against the player’s knowledge. Not all people like to have their successes published and this is a way to protect the wish of the individual player all though his results might be great marketing material for the casino.

Games and Software

Club Euro is built by the famous Real Time Gaming software. This ensures high quality gaming as this software provider delivers a product that includes all the features that are needed to keep the gaming experience at top level. One important fact is that the Real Time Gaming software is designed to handle many players active at once. This gives room for more challenging and profitable gaming and certainly raises the level of the casino. Even though so many players can be active at once the casino software runs smooth and fast. This is so from the point of download to the actual gaming.

A player can choose to play through an instant version online or to download the software to his computer. Both versions will offer great graphics and fun gaming but it is still recommended to make the download as this will give full access to all of the games. The download is fast and easy to make and even a person with little knowledge of computers should be able to manage on his own. Through the whole process the casino staff is there to help as customer support is truly a central point of the casino.

When the download has been completed there are more than 90 games to choose from. This sounds impressive but for the player looking exclusively for the classic casino table games the casino might be somewhat of a disappointment. They do offer table games but it is not a wide and varied selection. This is also the case when it comes to slots although it should be said that the games that are available are of very high standard and should be enough to satisfy the best of professionals. There are several progressives and a nice poker feature is the Pai Gow Poker which is sure to entertain many players. The video poker selection is up to the highest standards.

It should be said for the casino as a whole that the graphics are very pleasant to the eye. The games are made more fun through graphics that are either close to reality or very innovative. While the welcoming webpage gives a rather dry feeling this is not the case inside the casino. There is a pleasant balance between the fun and imaginative and the real and serious.

A Responsible and Secure Casino

When a casino goes through so many efforts to make the player feel at home it might not come as a surprise that they also put a lot of energy into player security. For sure, any serious online establishment must take the measures needed to keep away from fraud and leaks of personal information but not all casinos go to the same great lengths as the Club Euro

It is not only the security of the player’s money that is of import to the casino but also his health and suitability for gambling. The casino is connected to Gamblers Anonymous which is an organization that can help addictive gamblers worldwide. The casino also makes a clear point of the necessity to be of legal gambling age. They keep a close eye on who joins and they urge the US based players to adhere to local laws and restrictions. This shows that Club Euro try to act responsible in a business where this is not always the standard.

All money transactions are just as safe as they would be when dealing with a bank online. The technique in use is the well recognized Secure Socket Layers technology and this is something that is trusted by online buyers and providers. Before any transaction can take place the new player has to share information with the casino that proves that he is who he claims to be and ensures his and other players safety.

All information passed to the Club Euro over the Internet is protected by the RSA public/private key encryption technology. Credit card information is stored on a server which is well protected and therefore a player shouldn’t be afraid to pass on his credit card details to the casino.

Club Euro cares to provide fair gaming by utilizing a random number generator. This means that all gaming is random and no numbers are pre-figured by a person. The computer will spit out the numbers in such a way that a human being can’t know what they will be beforehand. This system has also been tested by an independent third party called TST, Technical System Testing. That the Club Euro carries their logo is a good sign that the gaming is fair and secure to participate in.

More Money for the Money

There are many opportunities to make some nice winnings in the Club Euro Casino not the least through one of the progressive games. It is for sure nice to win lots of money but what many players also look for is to get more gaming for the money they deposit. Online casinos try to offer as lucrative bonuses as possible in order to attract new players and make the regulars stay along.

In the Club Euro the section of bonuses and promotions is very nice and has something of interest both to the beginners and to those who stay around. Any new player is offered a welcome bonus of 750 Euro. This is very generous but it should be noted that it can only be attained though several deposits. Bonuses are there to make more gambling possible and with this in mind it must still be considered a great offer. Any player that tries to make money out of bonuses will soon realize that this is a futile idea that most casinos have guarded themselves well against.

For the slot lover there is a specific welcome high roller bonus that will give 350 Euro for slots gaming. This is a bonus that is only offered to the new player and it is exclusively for slots. As soon as a new player joins the casino and makes a deposit he also becomes eligible to win in one of the many raffles. This is a fun feature that spices up the gaming.

Like all respectable casinos online the Club Euro offers a comp points program. Through this the loyal players can earn points for all their gaming. These points can be converted into money that can be used for more gaming. To make a friend join also pays off and should be easily arranged as the casino is indeed a very friendly place.

Players can choose to play with Euro, US dollars or the British pound and there are plenty of suitable methods for players from the different countries to use for deposits and withdrawals. All the regular credit cards can be used as well as the popular e-wallet solutions such as Neteller, Click2Pay and Instacash. The promotions are equally available no matter what currency you choose to play in.