Microgaming and US Players

For the US player that loves to play in online casinos there can be many obstacles on the way to finding one that will allow players from the USA to join. This is due to the laws in many states in the USA that specifically outlaws this type of gambling and even though there might be exceptions in the rules which could make casino play online possible many Microgaming casinos simply prefers to stay away from the US audience. The Microgaming software is known for its high standard and therefore many US players search for the ones that do accept their play and money.

Why Microgaming?

There are so many casinos online that it seems strange that the US players would make a fuss over not being able to play in a Microgaming casino. After all, with such a great amount of great online casinos the solution should simply be to choose a casino that is open to the Americans. So why are the US players so crazy about the Microgaming casinos? There are several reasons for why the Microgaming software has won the respect of so many but the key ingredient is probably that the Microgaming casino experience is hard to beat.

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A Microgaming casino manages to combine great graphics and sound effects with the latest in online gaming and a high level of security. The fact that they take the issues of the American State laws so serious only speaks of their high level of conscious and responsible attitude. Therefore the banning of American players has the reverse effect and only makes the US players more attractive to Microgaming casinos. The US players are in it for the money as much as all other players from around the globe and in a Microgaming casino there are many chances to great money not to mention the bonuses that welcome the new player and keep rewarding the regular customer.

Many would say that the best casino online is a Microgaming casino and therefore it is worth it to search out the few options available to the US player. The Microgaming casinos that do welcome US players are within the Casino Rewards Group and the Jackpot Factory Group and the list isn't very long at all. However, once a US player has downloaded one of these casinos he is sure to feel like it was worth the search as the Microgaming games are very attractive.

Is it possible to get around the ban?

There are 11 States in the USA that forbids gambling and the Microgaming software is built in a way that it can spot a player residing in one of these States. When a US player goes into a Microgaming site it will detect by his IP address where he lives and if it is within one of the 11 States outlawing gambling he won't even be able to open the page for the software download. For the US player that can't consider an alternative to the Microgaming gaming experience there are only two options. One is to play free Microgaming games and miss out on the excitement of playing with money and the other solution is to look at moving State.